My Putzy Razz

I have a Yamaha Razz, its an 88, & it only runs well when I have the choke on, what can I do to fix this? & What can I do to tune it up so I can get more speed out of it? Please help


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Help needed Thanks

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Re: My Putzy Razz

Sounds like a clog in your fuel line, probably inside the carburator. When you click off the choke, the motor is getting a lot of air but, maybe not enough fuel. It's probably in your carburator, not the fuel line, because chunks of rusted gas tank in your fuel line, like i have sometimes, would also bung up your fuel even with the choke on. Try cleaning your carburator fuel jets, and see if it helps. (I poke them with electric guitar string, high "e", available at music stores, and spray out with carburator cleaner). Good luck.

dirty carb dirty carb dirty carb dirty carb dirty

Carb cleaning cuckoo /

You have clogged passages in your carb

This is from my "How to Fix Your Moped" post you will find here >>>


Clogged or dirty carburetors are the most common reason for poor performance.

The parts of the carb that are dirty or clogged are the small holes inside the carb (air and fuel passages).. not the outside.

You can not see the stuff that is clogging the flow.

YOU MUST USE COMPRESSED AIR to blow it out!... that dirt and crud has been accumulating for 20 years in some cases... it will not just fall out.. you need it to BLAST the dirt out from those small passages.

The carburetor must be removed... then you take off the float bowl (on the bottom)... then you remove the brass "main jet" in the middle of the carb... try to blow air thru it ... now hold it up to the light and look thru it... it must be clean and clear.... if it is not clear you must poke a piece of fine wire thru it.... a wire plucked from a wire brush works good.... or some soft multistrand copper wire like from speaker wire or lampcord wire... don't use a drill bit, it might damage the brass or make the hole too big.

Next you should screw the idle mixture screw in.... (Before you screw it in...look at where the screwdriver slot is at... then count how many turns it takes to go all the way in gently... like 1 3/4 turns or whatever, and remember that number for later)..... then remove it and all other careful.. don't forget where everything goes.. and don't lose anything!

Now you must clean out all passages in the carb with aerosol carb cleaner and compressed air... (like 80 psi)... with a blow nozzle... squirt the cleaner in ALL THE SMALL ORIFICES one by one followed by a blast of compressed air.... while you are blowing air thru the holes feel with your fingers to feel where the air is coming out of and blow the other way too.... DO THIS SEVERAL TIMES.... then reassemble all the parts.

It is even better to submerge the carb overnite in a can of carb cleaner (remove rubber and plastic parts first)... then blow it out.

Remember to turn the idle mixture screw back out to its original setting... usually between 1 and 2 full turns out from all the way in) and reinstall the carb.

Putting a capful of gas treatment in your gas tank occasionally will help keep the inside of the carb clean.. (go to the bottom to read more about this)


Re: dirty carb dirty carb dirty carb dirty carb di

Sorry I did all that I read it on the "how to fix your Moped" post thanks, however it is still doing the same thing, I did all except soaking in carb cleaner over night, should i do that? or isnt is as important?

Re: My Putzy Razz

Also, What could to speed it up a little, I can only get a crappy 28 mph on a flat road, I am willing to sacrafice some of my good gas milage to make it go faster, any Tips? Ides??? Thanks


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Well.. At leasrt you did it all once... Now the second time should be easier... right?.. :)

Honestly.. if it runs when you have the choke on.. then won't run with the choke off.. then it is still a fuel problem... and I would try the same procedure I spelled out already.. just do it again... maybe take a little more time and ... Did you use the compressed air?

Because there is still a fuel flow problem in the carb.

And soaking it overnite is the best way to loosen up the crud... but you have to buy the dunk can for like $10... then you might not need it for 5 years.

But it is the most efffective way... just remember to remove the rubber and plastic first... it can eat those parts (or make them swell up for a couple days).

Remember you have to blast the air through all the tiny holes

Re: dirty carb dirty carb dirty carb

always check to see if your engine is restricted in some way. i don't know much about scooters, but some mopeds are restricted to go very slow. since many states have limits on the speed of "legal" mopeds at 30mph, they might be restricted.

but it does sound like a fuel problem, if the choke is acting they way you say it is. do the proceedure again. be sure you use compressed air and good carb cleaner. take the whole carburetor apart. don't just spray inside it. you have to completely disassemble it.

i'm not sure what a yamaha carburetor is like, but most moped carbs can be taken apart very easily. i can take my dellorto carb apart w/ a swiss army knife in less than 5 mins.

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The last part I am going to add to that guide is a little speed tuning...

And one pretty easy tip for a few extra MPH is to make a cylinder plate spacer and install it under the cylinder with a gasket each side of it.

It will take away a little low end acceleration... but give a little more MPH on top.

To do it... use a piece of sheet metal about 1/16th of an inch thick.. and form its shape to match your existing base gasket (the one under the cylinder)

If you want.. buy 2 new gaskets from the Yamaha dealer... then trace its shape onto the sheet metal and do what you have to do to cut that shape out.. then install it under he cylinder with a gasket on each side.

You will have to drill, saw and file it... the inside contour and bolt locations are the important part.

Thats it... more speed.

To get back a little low end acceleration you can try running with out the stock head gasket.

To see another explanation of the same plan.. read Colin McCabe's description for speed tuning a Honda Express.

Getting a tuned exhaust pipe will add another few mph also.. but you will have to modify a BiTurbo or other pipe.. because I don't think they make one for a Razz.

You could gain as much as 6 to 8 MPH with the spacer plate and pipe.

The spacer plate by itself should be worth 3 MPH or so.. I am waiting for a new tire to test mine.

But keep in mind that both these mods make the engine rev higher.. and it is harder on the motor.

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Thanks for the info, but now on making it faster. I am new with mopeds all I have had is a Honda Express, a Yamaha Jog, & This Razz, How do it do the stuff on the stock head gasket To get more balls? Is there anything I can do to get to go faster, but yet still have power, w/o putting alot of money into it?

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Well... I would remove the head gasket and put the spacer plate under the cylinder like I said.

That is virtually FREE... and should gain you 3 mph or so.

You can always switch back if you don't like it.

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Is there Bigger carburatures that will fit on my razz? Or wont that increase my performance, I am thinking it will flood alot or somthing, Am I right??

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Does the ole' Put holes in your muffler trick for more speed work well? If so where should they perferably be put. I dont really want to do that I was just curious, But what can I Do to beef her up, its just not putting out the speed nor the power I want, i am close to selling it & Getting another one, but if I can get this one running faster, or with more balls I wanna keep it. 28 mph tops on flat road is all i got, & for acceleration............lets just not even talk about that.. Please help


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any help with this last post i made??

Re: My Putzy Razz

PLease help on post 13???

Re: My Putzy Razz

Brandon Edge /

I'd love to help, but I haven't had much experience with Japanese bikes. Although, Steve has a Suzuki FA50 that we drilled holes in the exhaust pipe. Didn't do much for performance, maybe 1 or 2 mph, but it sounds like a motocross bike. The sound alone made it feel faster even though it really wasn't actually much faster. As far as where to put the holes, if it's the kind of pipe with a big diameter and then a little half inch tube coming out of the end, then put the holes in the back end of it around the little outlet. If it's a narrow pipe with the opening as big as the rest of the pipe, I guess you would put the holes in the sides. What's your top speed right now, by the way?

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28 :( :( I was hoping to get the thing going at least 33. But I am not sure, I dont have much Experience on mopeds.

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Steve Cleary /

Hey Heath! I have a razz and noticed mine didnt have any acceleration. Try to take out the cap for the TC30 oil in the back. (the white cap) watch out because mine had so much pressure it squirted in my face. But I would drain it and put new oil in it. This effects the transmisson......Steve

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K.C. Curl /

it sounds like your engine may be running a bit rich, try checking your feul injector. It could also be that your have water in your fuel tank

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It's definately not running rich, if it will only run with the choke on...duh. :) Not trying to be mean, just don't post something if your not sure what you are talking about.

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Your Razz should be a lot faster than that. Before you do performance mods, make sure it's running properly....I just took Ike's Razz for a spin last night, and it was fast as hell.

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