70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

so I recently put a 70cc after market (fast arrow brand) piston, head, and cylinder, that is well used but has a new ring, on my 1978 puch/kormag freespirit moped. to my best estimation it will hit 50 mph on a flat road.

I'd like to know what I can do to make it go faster?

and I'd like to know what people think of the 70cc kit in general?

is it still a moped?

is it a motorcycle?

its really fast and not really built for it


what do you think an "air scoop" would do for me?


Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

personally, i think that kits are junk, and aren't worth it. it will only cost you MUCH $$$ in the end to keep it running, and/or fix the damage it caused. I had one on my tomos. Payed $350 for a kit that lasted 2 months, and only ran good for half that time. if you want something like a moped, but a little faster, get an old honda or something. Thats why i got my 1975 Honda CB125s (125cc 5 speed) Only cost me $500 ( A LOT less than what it cost me to maintain my moped with the kit)

Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

Well, i'd have to say that anything w/ a motor AND pedals is still a MoPed. This is such a tricky question, though, since a kick-start 50cc Tomos is not, by this definition a "moped." Neither is a scooter (Honda Spree, Yamaha Razz).

I'm not sure how safe I'd feel going 50+ mph on a moped. But I, at least, will have to be consistent and say that it is a moped.

Of course, definitions are also meant to be flexible ... and a democratic society is based on consensus ...

Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

Reeperette /

>>what do you think an "air scoop" would do for me<<

Besides hosing yer mixture ? prolly not much.

You could try it, and I guess it is possible to get a correct mixture doing that, but I've never had any success with the old forced-air trick, no.

Apparently the shape of the scoop matters a lot too, but that's beyond my knowledge.


Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds


I've got a 70 cc kit w/exhaust on my 76 PUCH Maxi. It probably runs @ the speeds you are talking about. Mine runs about 45+ (however I weight 235#).I use mine to pull the steep hills where I live. With respect to the kit, the dudes are mostly likely correct re the use, but I haven't had any problems so far, other than the idle speeds. I've been using a 4:1 mixture w/gas (break-in mixture recommended by the accompanying literature & my mechanic for 300 miles). He also cautioned me not to run it "maxed-out" for an extended period during break-in. I just cruise around @ 3/4 throttle. He also recommended using the synthetic 2-cycle oil over the conventional oil (castrol??)-- better lubrication & reduced smoke. The 1st thing I recommend is "beefing up" your stock brakes, because otherwise the 1st panic stop will be a "pants cleaning operation" at the very least. If you really want more speed, try the sprocket route, I believe there is an PUCH 18 tooth front sproket that will add 5-10 mph to top end, but your excel & and low end tourque( ability to pull hills) will go down, it's less than $20 from mopedjunkyard. com.

By the way, here in VA your ped w/70cc kit is now classified as a motorcyle. In VA the law basically classifies Mopeds as vehicle w/less than a 50cc engine & which can not be driven over 35 mph.

Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

I'm running 18 teeth in the front and 32 in the back

(very little acceleration)

with a 72 jet in my carb and no air filter at all

and it wants more air that why I thought air scoop but I think I will try a smaller jet and have a few laying around

I agree that the kit are over priced and crappy

this is the second bike its been put on because it heat seized and broke a ring

on the first one. I bought it used for 75 dollars

there is no way to legally operate a 70cc moped on the streets in michigan

but I have been pulled over I just say that I bought it this way and I have no idea why it goes so fast.

what pipe do you have and what does it do for you?

I don't have one


Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

I've got a BiTurbo. It came w/the kit. I see you are already onto the carb. route (i.e., changing jet sizes). I haven't tried that, nor have I tried the air scoop. It was hard enough to make the dang kit fit together in the 1st place. My mechanic wanted a small fortune to do it, so a buddy of mine (an ole street racer), a 12 pack, and I did it. There was a lot of "hey watch this" but we got everything working. In short I'm not about to take the carb. apart unless I have to. That is a "hateful" job.

Re the Cops. I got pulled over last fri. & the officer who pull me was more interested in whether I had a drivers license than a legal ped. I was doing re 40. In this state you don't need a license for a ped, however the law does prohibit you from operating a ped if your license has been revoked. Guys around here try to use a ped to get around after their license has been revoked for a DWI. Not my case, I just enjoy riding the ped. However, the motorcycle officer who arrived while he was checking my license was another story. I just admitted to the biturbo and said the original one had rusted out & I replaced it. He looked at the carb. & the head. I know he knew, but he didn't say anything. They just let me go and said be careful.

Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

i'm surprised the copy knew anything. most cops can't tell what anything is on a moped (at least around here). they don't even know the laws (bill was asked to ride on the sidewalk!).

Re: 70cc kits on 1975 to 1980 mopeds

Do you have any upgrade kits for a 1998 Kinetic TFR? I'm looking to upgrade it to make it go fater.

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