Help with throttle problem

I have a old Trac Clipper that I just got to run. The problem is when I twist the grip grip to give it gas..the moped dies out. The moped seems to idle fine and i've clean out the carb.

Any suggestions?


Re: Help with throttle problem

what jet size is in the carb and what kind of carb do you have. that might make a difference.

Re: Help with throttle problem

jess_monster /

I had the same problem and figured something out. I don't have a choke and it does that same thing every time the engine is cold. All I have to do is cover the air intake most of the way...Eventually after it gets warm you can just drive off and it works like a million bucks. I have to go about 6 blocks putting my hand over the hole and releasing and vice versa, But it's damn worth it when she starts going. I'd bet thats your problem anyways try it once.

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