This may sound dumb to the moped gurus but what exactly is an engine seizure?

Re: seizures

i'm not a guru ... but i think i know of some of the ways an engine can seize. basically, an engine is seized if it's locked in some way and can't move. usually, i think, it's because the piston is stuck in the cylinder.

for example, i have a garelli engine that is seized in a horrible way. at least one of the rings broke, and is jammed between the piston and the cylinder. that's more than seized, that's probably ruined.

but i think going far too fast (or not using 2-stroke oil in your fuel) can lead to engine seizers if the piston gets hot enough and not lubricated enough that it more or less "welds" itself onto the cylinder.

depending on how bad the seizure is, you can fix it. so don't loose hope if your engine is seized.

also, i suppose an engine could seize internally if the piston arm's main bearings were horribly damanaged in some way.

Re: seizures

colin mccabe /

usually where the engine stops very suddenly due to a faliure of the fuel or oil system, causing a bearing to fail and lock or more usual on a 2 stroke ped where the fuel air mix goes too lean and the piston gets too hot and expands jamming in the barrel,probarbly coz of a blocked main jet or knackered airbox.

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