motor oil

her's a question i'm wondering about ...

my minarelli v1 engine manual recommends 20-weight non-detergent oil for the clutch casing. but since it's so scarce, we've been using 30-weight non-detergent oil.

anyone know of some good 20-weight non-detergent oils? or a list of 30-weight non-detergents. i'd especially like a nice type (e.g. valvoline, penzoil). that'd be great. thanks!

Re: motor oil question

forget about the 30-weight non-detergent oil question ... but does anyone have ideas on 20-weight non-detergent oils? that's the critical question here. thanks.

Re: motor oil

Reeperette /

Valvoline only goes down to 30weight in non-detergent formula.

Pennzoil (Quaker State) makes a 20w20, but not wholly sure that's non-detergent, you can ask em.

You could also ask Phillips/Harvey if they carry a 20-weight in thier non-D brand.


Re: motor oil

Go to a lawn mower shop, they will have it, Briggs and Stratton has some packaged with there name on it.

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