Yay! or Neigh!

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There have been too many bad reviews from people about that site for me to recommend anything they sell, even if it were half that price.


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Andrew Squiggman /

i think its nay

neigh (n)


The long, high-pitched sound made by a horse.

intr.v. neighed, neigh

Re: Yay! or Neigh!

and maybe I'm missing it, but I'm not seeing anywhere telling you what cylinder or carb you're getting, and they're showing some kind of lever and cable? those are unnecessary. plus the pipe shown is a jamarcol but they photoshopped the biturbo logo onto the silencer.

Re: Yay! or Neigh!

ah shit there was supposed to be a funny "neigh" picture too. I wasn't saying "yay". on the contrary, I'd "nay" the hell out of this one.

Re: Yay! or Neigh!

god fucking no.

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Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

No...all of that can be had for less at Treats

The lever and cable is for the dellorto choke, lever model not click choke

Re: Yay! or Neigh!

The best part is, treats will actually SEND you the parts. MOL hasn't shipped anything in years. The only thing MOL is good for is inducing seizures.

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