Rattles and buzzes

Hey guys / gals, my new targa only has about 550 miles on it and the engine makes a mid to high pitch rattling noise. I was concerned about it at 300 miles and pulled the jug and head to check for ring or piston pin problems. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a tranny problem.

Anyways, since it's still under warranty, I was wondering if anyone has had an "authorized" mechanic check out such a prob and get it covered by the manufacturer or dealer. I already replaced a screwed up oil injector pump myself cuz i need the ride and don't have time to wait a year for someone to send me parts at their leisure.

I found a reference for a Tomos manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, SC; but since the label on the bike says it's made on Slobbovia or some such fictitious place, I'm thinking Spartanburg is perhaps a US distributor / handler. Either way, if someone has any relevant info, please spill it, I'll greatly appreciate it...

Also, does anyone know how I can soften up the suspension on the front forks? I'm not so heavy and it seems that the forks keep "topping out" on big bumps.

Thanks bunches,


Re: Rattles and buzzes

Hi Lane, does the ped do it setting at idle or driving? and did you notice it since you gassed up. I think you know where I`m going with this! <> A cheap gas (or old gas) <> If noise is while driving the chain can be slapping. Later Doug D.

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