What to do?

So...I'm torn. I don't know what to do. Do I buy keller_stephen's sebring project, or do I work on getting my motobecane traveler going faster? Do I get a 2nd bike, or have a faster one?

From all I've heard, the MO2 engines are pretty awesome...

Also, the Traveler is not-variated. If I kitted it, would that be the death of my bottom end? It's pretty bad now as it is.

Come on and give me your opinions, you AV7 / Morini guru's!

Re: What to do?

If its not variated, then variate it. Morinis are cool too, gotta decide which one you want more. You can easily put money in both.

Re: What to do?

I saw a lot of morinis this last weekend that got me going on thems. But still, variated is where its at. hard core

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