SF - Missing Magnum

Saturday April 4, 2010 5:45PM

SE corner 14th and Folsom

Officer Larry Henderson (#1420) pulled me over and looked for things to nitpick about. Alas, my learners permit expired two weeks prior, and he made me lock the bike to a pole.

Came back just shy of two hours later with a truck, and the bike was gone. It was locked with one of those 5/8 inch curly cable locks (that's all I had in my bag at the time, normally I use a U lock).

Walked around the neighborhood in the rain today hoping to find it ditched. No luck, went to file a police report at Mission Station.

Picture attached.

Specs include:

A worn looking silver tank magnum.

K-Star kit

Techno Estoril exhaust

21mm PHBG carb

Clubman bars with turquoise grips

worn out brakes

old tires and fender

Please keep an eye out. If you stumble upon it, maybe you can lock it with your lock and let me know. I can offer some reward money.

Sighs of frustration,

Yancey (from the Sunset)


Re: SF - Missing Magnum

* It would have been Saturday April 3rd.

Here's a picture of Larry Henderson for your dart boards.


Re: SF - Missing Magnum

💀Kim Jong illest💀 /

damn yanc, that sucks

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

That blows! I really hope you find it.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Conrad Conrad /

suck, I hope you find it.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Check the tow lot.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Yep, first thing I tried was to call the impound, then went looking for it in the neighborhood, then went to the police station, who checked with the impound again. This is all too ridiculous, even more so when I go to court for the various fix-it items and there's no longer a bike to fix.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

I guess that's an area where they should be more concerned with theft in broad daylight than bullshit traffic infractions.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

I won't go into too many details, or at least wait until this is all resolved in court next month.

Original reason for the traffic stop: Cop couldn't see my little mirror.

To Serve: You tickets

To Protect: Their pockets

Re: SF - Missing Magnum


Re: SF - Missing Magnum

that's the mirror guy! so many moped people have been stopped and read the riot act by that guy. i think mopeds/motorcycles and mirrors are stupid, any time i've actually used them i've found myself almost crashing into the person in front of me. i always physically take a quick look before changing lanes and i think concentrating on a little vibrating mirror to know what's behind you instead of just looking is ridiculous.

hope you get your bike back though, that's a bummer. i'll be on the lookout.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Damn Yancey, that is some rotten luck. I'll keep a lookout for your bike.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

yancy sorry to hear this, will keep an eye out.

Dom i feel like the mirror is more of a subconscious corner of the eye thing... I never realized how much it helped until I rode without a mirror. All of a sudden you feel completely vulnerable to the darkness behind you

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

It's way safer to turn all the way around wearing a full face to see if you can switch lanes then to glance in a mirror... ;) No helmet, maybe. Full face, no fucking way. Mirrors are safer.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

I'm with Liam and Chris on this one. I prefer having the mirror, but the point is, the bike HAD a mirror. The cop was just trying REALLY hard to find something to stick him with because he was riding a moped.

It's too bad none of us has any money. We could get crappy cheap mirrors and mail them to Officer Henderson. I wish there were creative ways to get back at this dude (I said creative, not illegal or stupid ... lol). What a jerk.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

I never used a mirror, always turn my head, always safe. It's just a matter of habit or practice. I'm sorry dude - I'll keep an eye out. Never ever use those locks. You would rather wait next to the bike and call a friend to bring you a lock than leave it there.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

i used to hate mirrors till i got really used to riding with one. now i feel helpless without a mirror. i always fully turn around before making a move, but having that little subconcious preview of whats behind you is helpful.

plus if youre riding dirty you look a lot less sketchy peeking into a mirror to see if a cop is behind you than turning completely around to check.

that said, aesthetically mirrors are fucking retarded, but on a utilitarian daily rider its a pretty good idea.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Yeah. They don't look as cool but I dunno. My bike doesn't look so bad with a mirror.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

I always check my mirror when I'm slowing down or about to make a right turn, to make sure someone isn't going to plow right over me. If you have the concave mirrors that show you more area, they can be very useful. Full-face = hard to see behind you.

That's really shitty about your bike. You could complain about the cop, obviously _he_ didn't steal it, but you can still say "I had a mirror on it, but he still made me leave it with a shitty lock on it, now it's stolen AND I have to pay the ticket." Writing a letter won't fix your problem, but you should always do it when you can. There's a reason politicians and shit listen to old people, they have nothing better to do than write letters and complain, etc.

Ain't nothing you can do about this. You were doing the 'right' thing by obeying his orders, but then again, you probably should have walked around the corner, had a smoke, then gone back and rode your bike home.

I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

mirrors rule. i use mine constantly. they are for dummies.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

The most important time to have a mirror is when you are stopped and waiting at a light so you can see the approaching cars behind you and make sure they see you and are slowing down.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

This story sounds fishy... Is it common practice to make people lock their vehicle and leave it unattended?

If he is hip to the value of the ped maybe he.....

Just saying.....

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

It's common practice for any vehicle really and the severity of why you aren't legal is the difference between you walking home or going for a ride to the police station..

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

this guy hates mopeds. if he was trying to get it stolen, that's one thing, but no way he would ever take it.


Re: SF - Missing Magnum

You know you don't have to put your mirrors up where they look dorky. You can easily put them down below the bars ... like so ...


Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Interesting. Where does this guy usually patrol? Anyone else have any stories about him?

I've never encountered a cop in SF while on a moped. Don't really know what to expect-- they either don't care or have a vendetta about these things being in a somewhat legal limbo.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Could you not just walk the bike home ? Like give the cop the spark plug so he knows you won't ride it then walk off with your bike or pedal it away ?

Just an idea for a next time. No way I would leave my shit. Have a smoke and go right back is the way to do it.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

No use talking to this one cop.

I sensed he wasn't a reasonable or logical fellow when I asked an honest question about one of the violations. I guess he wasn't taking questions that day, and opted instead to yell at me, lecture me about what a nice guy he was, then slapping more onto the ticket.

More distinguishing features:

Wires attached to frame with little black velcro straps

No kill switch

Seat has small rip on back left corner with tape.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

Fuck the police. Sometimes cops need to be put in situations where they arent the one with the dick and the gun. I hope he doesnt patrol the hood, cause in these parts people would recongnize him and make him a statement cop...you dont want to come around here screwing with us cause your laws dont mean shit when no one can identify the culprit. Get enough people pissed at you and no one is going to stop you from getting fucked up in your next call.

Does anyone else think that its fucked up that he is Febuary's cop... I guess he did an outstanding job that month, or maybe he was just black...thats racist.

Re: SF - Missing Magnum

U mad yo.

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