squeakybrakes, Hellcat Carrie/ Ron Brown, revisite

I have the same problem as Hellcat Carrie.

I've eliminated a lot of extraneous noise from this infernal

machine. However, whenever I come to a stop sign, my front

brake screeches. Ron, your points about disassembling the drum brake are well taken, but,, where would I get new brake shoes?

I'm afraid I'd get it all apart and need new, tiny, brake shoes

and not know where to go... Any advice is well appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: squeakybrakes, Hellcat Carrie/ Ron Brown, revi

Ron Brown /


Often, you can clean out the dust and crud, wipe off the shoes with brake clean on a rag (don't soak them), then lightly sand the shoes and drum with fine emery or "wet and dry" enough to break the glaze.

This, along with some careful lubrication of moving, metal to metal parts, will fix your brake problem without replacing shoes.

You should ckeck and adjust the wheel bearings while you have the wheel off.

If you need shoes, The Moped Junkyard seems to be the supplier of choice on this board although I am impressed by some Moped place in NJ that posts really good responses on this board from time to time. It may be called The Moped Warehouse, I'm not sure.

I have not bought from either of them. If you post your make/model, I'm sure someone will help.


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