Clutch cleaning?

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I've got a Peugeot and a Jawa with slipping clutches. At least I'm quite sure it's a problem with slippage --it feels exactly like misfiring, but in both cases, it was after I had taken apart the clutches for one reason or another.

I think oil has gotten into the clutch/drum mechanisms. The clutch pads are in good shape and worked properly before I messed with 'em.

I've wiped them as dry as possible and hosed them off with brake parts cleaner. They're better, but still slipping.


Anyone have any techniques for cleaning clutches so they won't slip?

Woe is me!


Re: Clutch cleaning?

The brake cleaner is a good start.

Now after they are free of oil and grease, get some 100 or so sand paper and lightly sand the friction material and drum contact surface just enough to remove the shine. Don't leave any sanding dust on any of the surfaces

That's it!

Jim C.

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