chappy points.

Treats didn't have any

1977 didn't either .

Anyone know where or do you have any I could buy some ignition points

Do yamaha dealers still carry them ?

Also why do the pedals feel so weird ? They have to be engaged for them to work

And also ..where's the clutch? It has a gear level on the side of the engine But when its engaged how do you stop ? Shift it into neutral everytime? Doesn't it have to be at a stop before you shift it ? .

Re: chappy points.

gabriel Balaa /

Anyone know ?

Re: chappy points.

go to the dealer they prob dont have them but you can order them. you could try bike bandit but thats a lot of money. the whole carb from the is like 250

Re: chappy points.


Re: chappy points.

IIRC the clutch is automatic, you shift when your stopped, high range for road and low range for off-road.

Re: chappy points.

^yep yep! Cool bike the chappy, the pedals can be converted to "pegs", maybe if that mech is messed up it may feel wierd? A dealer may have the points, or try Best of luck!

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