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jess_monster /

I have a 1978 Honda Express. I can get it running and give it gas and it dies out. I don't have a an air filter box. If I cover that hole then it runs and I can even hit the throttle. I never had this problem before what kind of adjustments can be made? I figure there must be an adjustment on the carburator for air intake. Any Info...Hurry I have to be to work by 5:30pm.

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gimmejimmie /

sounds like a blockage in the carb,

Fred always says, clean the carb,...clean the carb,...clean the carb..he means it.

hope you didn't have to find a ride to work for this late post.

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It's not the carb, cleaned it WELL today. I don't have a choke on my ped either, that is part of the problem. It worked well before. Today after messing with it for a long time it ran like a million bucks, well at least a hundred, and I can't think of why except that it was warm. Yeah I did have to find a damn ride to and from work. Thanks for replying.

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colin mccabe /

if your on the standard carb first thing id do is try and get a standard air box.if not increase main jet size three or four sizes to make up for no airbox.also check fuel filter in fuel tank by undoing have to go up on main jet when running no airbox or fuel air mix runs lean,hard to see how it worked ok before.

hope ive been helpfull.


Re: Ped Question

colin mccabe /

get an original airbox as the express carbs main jet and needle cant be adjusted. its a fueling problem by the sounds of it. check fuel filter in the fuel tank tap aswell.

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