Speedo Bulb

What bulb do I need to put in my 2005 tomos revival, speedo housing?

12v/23 watt


6v/ 4 watt

In the manual wiring diagram it says 1RJ and 2SI next to the bulb

Re: Speedo Bulb


Speedo Bulb

Well, it wouldn't be a 23 watt bulb.

Looking at the parts book, it's a 12 volt, 1.2 watt with a t5 base. That would probably mean a 5 mm base. But currently they use a #74 wedge-type base, which is just a little rice-grain bulb that you can buy at Autozone.

Speedo Bulb

Oh, wiait, I was looking at the wrong part. They are showing #213998 12 V 2-watt BA7S next to the speedometer.

#232763 12 V 1.2 watt T5 looks like it is used on the indicator lights for turn signal, high beam, etc.

Re: Speedo Bulb

Your speaking jibberish to me! ha

Re: Speedo Bulb


I broke it down, and yes the rice grain style bulb is in fact used in the indicator lights.

So would the 12v/5watt suffice for this application??

Re: Speedo Bulb

Or if you can't find one that fits, maybe try an LED from radio shack.

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