bi-turbo on a pa50??

I dont know anything about these bi-turbos except what i here about them here, and i found one pretty cheap. will they fit a Pa50?? If so whats the point if them? will i go any faster??? Thanks !! have a great day!!!

Re: bi-turbo on a pa50??

Matt..... I have a slow ass PA50I myself... I imagine that is what you have also?

They only do 21 mph max stock.

The PA50II does 30mph stock.

My PA50I now does 30mph.

I have a tuned pipe I calculated and built for it.

I have done a few other mods to it also.

The Biturbo won't just bolt right on... it will have to be cut and welded... and (maybe) a new header pipe welded up also (I can't remember how I did mine now).

But the pipe will give you a nice little boost by it self... maybe 4 or 5 mph... so do it if you can.

Chris's clutch mod (modifying the ramps in the plate) would help if you had a PA50II... but your stock PA50I probably doesn't have enough HP to pull it .

The difference between the I and the II is the cylinder and reed valve.... so if you could find those parts (in good shape) from a PA50II then you would be able to do 30mph...then add Chris's clutch grooves and get 35mph... then add the BiTurbo and you could possibly get near 40mph...possibly.

By early next week I will have a little more info for you ... I just tried a mod that I have been meaning to do for a long time... It is cheap and easy (and reversible if it doesn't work).

But I have a tire with a broken bead on it and I can't test the mod till the new tire gets in.

You will have to find somebody who can weld and fabricate the head pipe to put the BiTurbo on.

I will let you know on the simple mod...

And by the way... the "simple mod" will also apply to all you other speed demons with other peds too... it should be worth 3 or 4 mph for most of you... and is nearly free (with a couple hours of your labor)

hmmmmmm.... Whatever could it be ??... ; )

Tune in next week... same station... same time... (well ..not exactly)

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