Replacement VIN plate?

The vin plate on my tomos is a piece of tin foil with barely legible numbers on it. I got pulled over last year, and the cop kind of hassled me about it. I'd like to replace it with a real metal plate; one that looks more official. Does anyone know where I could get just a blank vin plate that I can fill in the info myself, with a number punch set?

I know tampering with a vin plate is kind of "illegal", but I'd just be filling it with legit info anyways... well accept for the fact that my bike is a '98 registered as a '79 (don't ask me how it happened, the previous owner did it and the info just stayed in the DMVs system, and I didn't really care enough to ask them to change it). That, and they have it listed on my registration as a "TORGA".

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

Go to Harbor Freight and buy the steel stamp things. Then punch the vin# into the frame with a big hammer and a lot of force. If you do it right and good then it will look factory. Also do it in a place where no one will think to look like the bottom of the frame and the head tube behind the forks. Almost every vehicle has this in more than one place.

After you do that, try to induce a little rust onto the newly stamped vin # then paint over it. It will look 30+ yrs old if you do this part.

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

If its a 98' the Vin should be stamped into the right motor mount. Then there is a foil sticker on the frame near the seat, and on the front steering tube and those both have the vin too. The foil stickers just say "this vehicle meets blah blah, gross weight etc". As long as the motor mount is stamped with the vin you shouldn't have any problems.

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

Only the last 7 or 8 numbers of the complete VIN are stamped on the frame, and its on the right side motor mount under my side cover (not the easiest location to check quickly). There's nothing on the tube (where the cop was expecting to find a vin).

Believe it or not, that little piece of foil does have the vin, year, and model on it... but it's pretty well shot, and looks like it's been taken off and put back on again 100 times (well, only once when I painted it.)

Personally, I could care less that my vin plate is a piece of crap... it's johnny law caring about it that I'm worried about.

I did manage to find a place that sells them... in the UK I might have to try 'em out & get a punch set from harbor freight.

I think it's illegal to sell blank plates in the states.

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

Yes it is illegal !

Just rip off the plate and stamp everything in the tube where the cops look.

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

i'm planning on doing the old stampy stamp sometimes cause my fork tube plate looks like its about to fall off too.

and my last stolen bike they pried it off so i couldnt ID it when i found it and the cops showed up.

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

Just make sure to stamp it in more than one place incase they try to file it off like on bicycles.

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

Pushrod Fifty /

The DMV should be able to replace the plate with one that they would make and apply. If you have it registered and you still have the original it's an easy thing to do.

Re: Replacement VIN plate?

No there is a good idea ! Go to the DMV and ask them.

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