Re: You tanked on that one, Jay.

I know my buddy who sold tomos for like a decade stopped when they changed over to A55s.

I guess the A55 had a lot of clutch issues and other little probs.

I donno if this was just the early ones, like the 2006 arrows and revivals and such, but it was enough for him to drop some of his better selling bikes because there just ended up being too much warranty work.

WARRANTY WORK! Tomos only has like a 6 month warranty.

That being said I would be all about one. They are real similar to A35s guts wise, and A35s are probably my favorite common moped engine.

Also, why the hell did tomos go from piston port on the A3, to cylinder reed valves on the A35, back to piston port on the A55?

Thats just dumb. I don't think anyone has ever had problems with the tomos reeds, intake, or reed block. Whatever.

Re: You tanked on that one, Jay.

Raymond Wright IV /

if you know what you are doing, the A55 is really solid!

ive had a lot of issues but if you take it apart and put it back together, it might actually run better.

Re: You tanked on that one, Jay.

i think they did it for emissions. that's what my local dealer said.

Re: You tanked on that one, Jay.

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /


The Soviet T62 main battle tank you pictured was slow, extremely unreliable, and had a battle record in the Gulf War of 450 destroyed to zero US tanks. In 2003 another 200 were destroyed to zero of ours in tank to tank battle. There would have been more, but there were none left because the occupants abandoned them to save their skins. They knew being inside one was a death sentence.

Jawas are more like this Mig-15..every once in a while the Eastern Bloc built something that was fast and nimble, and stacked up to anything we had at the time.

(I still think the A55 can't compare to the A35)

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