How long have you gone w/o registration?

Obviously this only applies to the bravest (or dumbest) of us. I'm just curious to hear who has gotten away with riding an unregistered ped for a really long time in a place where registration is required. Especially if there are tales of police encounters (and you made it w/o a citation.)

I just recently picked up a project ped that has one of the old Florida "MOPED" plates, which was registered to some other bloke in like '81. The thing is dusty as balls and looks totally ridiculous, but I decided to see how long I could rock it on my Tomos. It's been about two weeks now. Tonight, I rode it up to the market for a 12 pack and locked it to the bike rack which is just adjacent to the front door (I've been told it's illegal to park an engine within like twelve feet of a building.) The obviously obsolete "MOPED" plate is facing the parking lot. When I exit the building, there's a 6up standing there, as another cruiser pulls up. The dialogue:

Cop: What kind of moped is that?

Me: Tomos.

Cop: How fast does it go?

Me: 30 mph.

Cop: Alright have a nice evening.

I just know this is going to backfire on me the one night I ride it home from the bar.

Re: How long have you gone w/o registration?

thankfully we don't have laws here for bikes under 50cc.

I have lied about my bigger bikes before and said they were 49cc even though they were well over 200cc.

If there are no markings as to the size of the bike then lie your ass off. If the cop doubts you thats fine... its on them to prove you wrong.

Re: How long have you gone w/o registration?



Re: How long have you gone w/o registration?

I think in FL you will be safe using that plate I have heard of others that have

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