Anyone in Sandiego / north Cali?

Gnihton orez /

Just moved back to San Diego (carlsbad to be exact) and looking for someone with dellorto jets and maybe a garage to hang out with for a bit. Anyone? My peds aren't registered yet so I prolly won't be doing any serious rides until I get that sorted, but never too soon to start organizing. ;-)

I noticed there aren't any gangs in the San Diego area, what's up?

Re: Anyone in Sandiego / north Cali?

yeah, what's up san diego? where are you?

Re: Anyone in Sandiego / north Cali?

there are a few riders in SD....nothing big though .....

Re: Anyone in Sandiego / north Cali?

Here is a list of the MA members in Carlsbad. I am sure that there will be a bunch more in Oceanside.

Total Found In Search: 11

Colin Summers falcore

Edward Akins aforakins

Garrett Ramsey krue666

Grant Gleason gg123

Greg Summers verybusygreg

Jaclyn Clark-Covert jaclyn07

John Davis jtdavis1856

Joshua Gallegos yehosh

Kevin Hunt senatorwoofington

Matty Davis mattycapital

Steven Woo

Do a search under the resources tab. Send them all an email.

Re: Anyone in Sandiego / north Cali?

chico,ca. homeboy here. moped "gang"? are you kidding?

Re: Anyone in Sandiego / north Cali?

damn sean you already found mopedarmy! i jsut emailed ya back with a load of info for ya. lets start a branch!! the oroville/chico/paradise area needs some moped love :)

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