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you need a title to get a license.

run the vin at the dmv first.

if no record of it, then go to the dmv web site and download the forms for a bill of sale and a history of the ped. if the site isn't running, pick up the forms at the office.

some mn dmv staff are more helpful or more knowledgable than others. if you get one that is confused, move on to the next one and be polite.

the process is very simple and no headache. i have titled two mopeds with no hassle this way.

you need liability insurance at minimum. hopefully you are covered medically in some other way. i use my car insurance company (state farm) and pay $51/moped. i met one guy who said they got it for $35.

annual tabs are $12.25.

if you do not have a license to drive a car, you need a moped license which costa around $9.75. you must be 15 yrs old minimum to apply for a moped license. if you are under 18, you must take a motorcycle class first (offered by hennepin tech and other places).

under 18, a helmet is required.

as for price of a scorpion. it depends upon how desperate you are. i know there is a tendency to spend more on the first one just to have it.

general rule of thumb is 0-$200 for nonrunners, depending upon the make, condition, has a title. preferably 100 or less. fixing them can be expensive.

good runners can be found $250-$500. depends upon make, condition, add ons.

fixers (engine turns over) you may spend $100-300

i think $400 sounds high for a nonrunner that isnt very desirable. many who have mopeds have no idea what they are selling for. just think they have a collectable worth a lot. it is worth what someone will pay for.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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