Minnesota Moped Questions

As I was reading up on the moped laws in Minnesota and some other states, a few things became clear:

1) To legally operate a moped in the state of MN, I must possess motorcycle insurance.

2) No title is required for moped operation in MN, but it is required in several other states.

This raises 2 questions for me:

1) Any other Minnesotans around here, do you have any recommendations on a good insurance company to go with? In this post quoted from 2006, Geico charged $97/year, which seems pretty decent. Any other recommendations? Is motorcycle liability still required in MN?

2) I'm planning to draw up a bill of sale before I purchase my first moped. The bill of sale will contain the following information:

-Date of Purchase

-Amount of Purchase

-Make, Model, and Year

-Odometer reading

-Buyer and seller signatures

Is there anything else I should include in the bill of sale, or that I should consider securing at the point of sale which will aid in the acquisition of a title from the Minnesota DMV?

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

I think you need a title to get plates. You need moped insurance. I just got a quote for $97 a year from state farm on a maxi.

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

Thanks for the info! I'm hoping I can get a title with the bill of sale. Hopefully it doesn't need to be notorized...

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

You want to call the DMV at 651-296-6911 to run the frame VIN. If there is a record of the VIN, then you have to get the title from the prior owner of record. If not, then there is a packet for "No proof of ownership" situations that you would complete, and submit with photos of the moped. You would get moped plates at the time of payment/application.

Insurance is required for any motor vehicle. I have moped insurance with Dairyland, it's about $70/year.

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

You do need ins, you can get a title by filling out a "statement of facts" form and providing the engine# and vin#, and 4 pics of the bike. Pay 35.00 and get your plate that day. Title will come in the mail. The seller should write up the bill of sale. Buying a titled bike will save you from all this malarky though. Best of luck!

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

Thanks guys. I'm pumped to check this thing out tomorrow. Hopefully the current owner holds the title; otherwise, it sounds like I have a real headache coming up... heh.

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

It is not that bad, if the bike has not been reg for 7 years it will not even be on file, fill out the paperwork and own a moped! What kind are you getting?

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I'm not sure which model exactly yet, but it's a 1978 Scorpion. The thing hasn't been started since last summer, but the seller claims it runs well. He's asking $500. I only have $400. If it runs, is $400 a reasonable offer? I might be able to scrape up some extra cash...

The fun part is that I only live 15 minutes from Crosby, where it was originally manufactured!

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

you need a title to get a license.

run the vin at the dmv first.

if no record of it, then go to the dmv web site and download the forms for a bill of sale and a history of the ped. if the site isn't running, pick up the forms at the office.

some mn dmv staff are more helpful or more knowledgable than others. if you get one that is confused, move on to the next one and be polite.

the process is very simple and no headache. i have titled two mopeds with no hassle this way.

you need liability insurance at minimum. hopefully you are covered medically in some other way. i use my car insurance company (state farm) and pay $51/moped. i met one guy who said they got it for $35.

annual tabs are $12.25.

if you do not have a license to drive a car, you need a moped license which costa around $9.75. you must be 15 yrs old minimum to apply for a moped license. if you are under 18, you must take a motorcycle class first (offered by hennepin tech and other places).

under 18, a helmet is required.

as for price of a scorpion. it depends upon how desperate you are. i know there is a tendency to spend more on the first one just to have it.

general rule of thumb is 0-$200 for nonrunners, depending upon the make, condition, has a title. preferably 100 or less. fixing them can be expensive.

good runners can be found $250-$500. depends upon make, condition, add ons.

fixers (engine turns over) you may spend $100-300

i think $400 sounds high for a nonrunner that isnt very desirable. many who have mopeds have no idea what they are selling for. just think they have a collectable worth a lot. it is worth what someone will pay for.

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This is very helpful, thanks!

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or you could just not get it titled, licensed, insured at all. I rode a moped for a whole year that way and never had trouble. Even got pulled over a couple times. The cops had no idea what the law even was with mopeds. And less than a month after i made my maxi completely legal it was stolen. oh, the irony.

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I would pay 350 for a running titled maxi in minnesota. Your bike is less valuable because it is a scorpion (difficulty with finding parts), hasn't ran for a year, and doesn't have a title.

On the other hand, it is your first moped and it is fun and exciting. None of us would blame you for wanting to spend 400 on your first moped crush...

(Just make sure she runs before you buy her.)

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you probably would not get into trouble driving illegally in MN.

however, if too many do it and the cops start noticing, it could be a problem for all of us in the future. at least it isn't horribly expensive to be legal in this state.

there is a fear that with all of the scooters around, with younger kids getting into accidents or annoying other drivers or pedestrians, things could get harder legally for everyone. something we all want to avoid.

some of the suburbs starting adding laws about the electric scooters (stand up, not seated), who could use them, where they could be ridden, when that craze came out several years ago.

i hope your scorpion works out for you. if not, there are a lot of mopeds around here for sale every year.

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

Salsa Salsa /


Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

Even tho this thread is dead the last time I actually insured a ped progressive charged me $64/year in Chicago. Just in case yalls is wonderin.

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

Also, if you ever get in an accident, Progressive does everything in their power to not pay you. When I was covered by them and was hit, I had to SUE THEM to get them to pay out.

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

So what insurance provider would you recommend in MN? I have Progressive for the peds now, but if they don't willingly stand behind their product when you need them to then its a worthless sham/mockery policy. Good to find this out before a crisis.

Re: Minnesota Moped Questions

I have Western National for my home and auto, and Dairyland for my mopeds. My agent is Marlys with Winter Insurance Agency in Hector, MN.

Western National has been fantastic every time we've needed them. I've only had to work with Dairyland once, when my Moby was stolen, but since it was recovered I didn't have to complete the claim.

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