What size is my petcock

Ok I expect a few dirty comments...

I have just managed to get my moped up and running yesterday and took it for a really short ride in the rain (15min) with my hack of an inline gas cutoff valve and a 1/4 inside diameter hose clamped to the petcock outlet on the gas tank. Its a 78 westlake if that helps.

I need to get it back up and running correctly cause it was running horribly yesterday couldn't go past 1/4 throttle without it drowning (and it did).

Ill upload pics tonight if anyone needs them from what I can tell trying to measure it looks like 11mm, I just don't want to order the wrong one.

thanks in advance

Re: What size is my petcock

Call BJ at Handybikes. Get a petcock, a set of points, and anything else Sachs while you're on the phone. He's your hook-up for all things Sachs, plus BJ is the moped equivalent to a Level 40 Mage.

Re: What size is my petcock

Hm, it's probably either 10 or 12mm. Maxi and Tomos ones are both 12mm, so you could find a friend with one and try out theirs.

My guess is if you're measuring the diameter of the hole in the bottom of the tank and it looks like 11mm, if you account for the threads it's probably 12.

Re: What size is my petcock

After a little googling, it does appear to be 11mm after all, so this is probably what you want:


Call up 1977 and ask and they can tell you for sure.

Re: What size is my petcock

tiny cock

Re: What size is my petcock

thanks, Ill call them and order up what I need.

After cleaning the carb for a 3rd time (yes I have a filter) I was able to get it running decently and took if for a small jog I don't think its shifting into 3rd so Ill get transmission fluid tomorrow on my way home and see about taking that apart as well. Not bad for 20 years of sitting, the thing has a good amount of pep still.

thanks again.

Thanks Im HOOKED

I'm hooked, it was said that I would be and I am, just rode the mile to my friends house mostly down hill at 35-40 and came back up at 20-25 so much fun.

I think I'm finally working past the bit of left over rust at the bottom of my tank after the vinegar cleaning.

cant wait to ride with some of you!

Re: Thanks Im HOOKED

_took if for a small jog I don

Re: Thanks Im HOOKED

Check the threads closely.

A lot of petcocks are LEFT HAND THREADS.

Re: Thanks Im HOOKED

My name is here /

I only use my left hand on my petcock when I'm looking for some strange.

Re: Thanks Im HOOKED

Spartafoxilover /

I dunno <looks into his pants>but I think mine is tiny :'(

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