honda spree oil

hey man

i was wondering about when i should fill my oil tank (after how many miles) im new at riding and any info would be very helpful

thanks dude

Re: honda spree oil

Reeperette /

Best Guess ? 6000 Miles - But I do it every 3000.

Someone else will know for sure, I'll bet.


Re: honda spree oil

I check mine every other gas tank fillup and top off as needed. I dont know when the oil light comes on, if you still have a little in the tank or if its empty.


Spree oil

DaveinNaples /

Check it every other gas fill up.

The consequences of no engine oil are obvious (and painful)

Keep the oil tank clean and free of dirt and grease build up (on the outside) so you can visually check the level when you lift up the seat to put gas in the fuel tank.

My spree with a rebuilt engine goes about 1,000 miles before oil level goes low enough to put the light on.

Happy Scootering

Re: Spree oil

Reeperette /

Oh !, I thought y'all meant the Transmission "oil" !

My Bad.


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