Kinetic TFR Improvements

Ok I just purchased a kinetic tfr, I want to know how I can make the little sonofabitch go faster and is there any specific problems I need to look for? Is there a kit I can buy to improve this machine? If so, what is the cost? How hard is assembly from the box? I would appreciate an immediate answer. I'm only 15 and would like to have a jump on the knowledge of this item before I screw it up lol. Thanks for taking the time to read this. ~Ben

Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

Reeperette /

Well, first off....get yourself prepared.

Kinetic makes a solid product, but thier assembly line has ZERO quality control, so do not be too surprised by broken, warped, or missing parts - should be forms for that eventuality in the box.

Shake her down really, really good too, cause not every problem is immediately visible, and the TFR needs a good, thorough shakedown before you can go all-out with it.

Once you've done that, then we'll talk improvment.

As fer how hard it is right outta the box ? Not all that hard, the TFR is a simple design, the hassle is going to be from poor quality control, if anything.

Let us know how it goes.


Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

A while back I posted about a TFR that seized the crankshaft after only 17 miles. The owner called me recently to tell me the engine again has seized. This time after only a mile. I'll be going to have a look at it in the near future to see what the problem is. When I had the engine apart, the cylinder looked normal so I don't believe the top end could have seized. But to think that the factory replacement crankshaft would lock up again has me wondering about the quality control, or lack of it back in Puna, India.

I'll let everyone know what I discover.


Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

Reeperette /

Thanks's apparently a right pain in the ass to GET a Kinetic to run right, but once you do, they hang in pretty good.

Any specifics on the crankshaft issue would be helpful.


Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

I have a 2000 Kinetic Magnum that has 120 miles on it--I had a problem starting it but have since figured out what I was doing wrong--it still takes several times to get it going but then it runs normally.

In every vehicle, cars included, there are lemons, no matter what the quality control. The incidence may be higher with certain brands. This is my first moped so I have none to compare it to. But I'm happy with it so far. I have yet to get it over 20-25 mph due to the 300 mile break-in period, but I sense that it can go over 30mph.

There are bi-turbo kits available for the Kinetic to make it go faster. I would check with State laws regarding mopeds. Some States may classify a moped that goes faster than 30mph as a motorcycle. Adding a bi-turbo will also invalidate any warranty on the 'ped.

I will be happy if my 'ped goes only about 30 mph. If I wanted to go faster, I would have bought a motorcycle. Sometimes I wonder why so many of you have this need for speed, but buy a moped instead of a motorcycle. Maybe it's a testosterone thing??

What's wrong with cruising slowly around the neighborhood or out in the country--if you want to race, don't buy a 'ped--enjoy them for what they can do--

and recognize what they can't...

Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

I have a 1999 Kinetic Tfr that i bought for 10 bucks, it had been crashed and then sat in the kids yard for a year. When i recieved it, it had a pair of badly bent forks and did not run. Since then i have done a few things and i have gotten it running at 35 steadily and some pretty quick acceleration. I have taken the engine out of it and takin it completely apart except for the crankshaft. When i did this i took out the head gasket and i also put some silicone gasket creator at the base of the cylinder and at the head of the cylinder, this improved my torque and accelration. Another thing i did to was in the airbox there is a plastic piece that limits the air intake i cut holes in this and adjusted my carb accordingly. This is all pretty simple things to do if there are taken one step at a time, im 15 too.


Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

Reeperette /

>>Sometimes I wonder why so many of you have this need for speed, but buy a moped instead of a motorcycle. Maybe it's a testosterone thing??

What's wrong with cruising slowly around the neighborhood or out in the country<<

I call it rear-view mirror "chicken"...when yer in a 35mph zone (the main drag here is 35, see) and everyone ELSE is doing 44-50Mph, and due to the narrowness of lanes and inexperience, they don't have the skill to pass within a lane, so they come up as fast and close as they can, and then blast thier way around you - often due to that lack of skill bumping you, not giving you enough room, or just plain not realizing that the air-wake created thus makes it difficult to control your vehicle when they do this.

That alone would be reason to upgrade your top end, but there's also the taillight-riding jerks when you take off from a red light to worry about low-end takeoff power as well.

In addition, some of us, due to disability (like my pegleg) cannot use a motorcycle since it is a manual transmission, and most mopeds are automatic with hand controls, and inexpensive - as compared to the 244cc Honda Helixx, also automatic with hand controls, but going for nearly $4000

Cruisin is fun, but not so very much fun when you're so busy duckin leadfoot morons that you cannot enjoy the scenery.


Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

Ron Brown /


It's a guy thing, except for Ree. With him, it's a "peggy" thing. :-)


Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

I have a TFR. I've got 218 miles on it as of riding today. I'm waiting to reach that 300 break in, so I can run faster. It seems to run very well here. I ride my kids all the time with loads up to 300 lbs. The manual said only 200 lbs max.. but I've had no problems with the load. The pedals are cheap.. and I broke one the first day.. but I replaced with some good steel pedals off a junk bike.. but beware.. I almost torn out the threads on the pedal shafts before I discovered that they are threaded OPPOSITE of standard bicycle pedals (? ..go figure) Right pedal to left side.. and visa versa.. watch out for that one. The little air filter fell off the second day.. but I just wedged it in with some plastic foam between engine and frame (that's fixed). I had some handle bar parts broken in shipping but they send me new ones. Last of all, the light bulb that lights the speedometer is out.. so I can't tell my speed at night. Little annoyances.. but it did come from the other side of the world (India).. and otherwise runs great! The price ($560 was half of anything else new). Good luck.

Re: Crankshaft Again!

I had forgotten that when the replacement crankshaft came, It would not turn past the intake port because it apparently had a larger outside diameter than it should have. At that time I disassembled the crankcase several times, scraping the port area and emery-clothing the flywheel to get some clearance. You can't have too much or you loose the rotary valve effect at the intake port. I got it to the point where the crank turned freely and put it all back together.

The engine ran well after it was installed, but it had not been used on the street til recently. That's when it seized again. After removing the engine this time, I looked in the intake port and saw that the flywheel has a seize mark on it. The clearance I had given it between the port closed up once the engine reached operating temperature under load.

I'll have to take it down to the crankshaft again and do more hand fitting of this area. All the result of a second incident of lack of quality control.

I don't know how a shop in the field could quote a price on a repair if the parts they are provided don't even meet manufacturing tolerances.

Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

jon slegh /

umm.. i was looking on the i net today and i was thinking of buying a moped and this one is one of the cheapest but i noticed that you said that you got yours new for 560$$ wow i haven't seen them for that cheap the cheapest i saw one was 825 tell me were you got it for that cheap please!!

Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements

go to

Re: Kinetic TFR Improvements


I read your post regarding your "peg leg" and your inability to find a suitable motorcycle. Look for a used Honda 400 or 450 Hondamatic. They have hand controls and no clutch. I have a 750 Hondamatic. It does not have a rear hand break. You should be able to find a good specimin for about $600 to $1000 dollars. Good luck,


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