Why New York sucks

I just got back from the DMV where I finally got my Avanti Autopower licenced so I can ride legal, but guess what? New York says the Autopower is a motorcycle, not a moped because it can go 30 mph, so it has to be inspected. I also need a motorcycle licence, which I do have anyway, but a moped is not a motorcycle.

At the same time I licenced a Honda express, but that's still a moped. Go try to figure out what goes on in the brain of a bureaucrat.

Re: Why New York sucks

i think it all depends on who you get there. i suggest you go back, tell them it goes 25, has less than 1.5 hp, and see what happens.

when i registered my honda express in boston, they said 'you know you can only ride this on dirt roads, right?'

i said, um yeah, then thought about all of the dirt roads in and around boston (there aren't any) and got my registration. of course i ride around on the street all the time and no cop has ever said anything. it is totally legal to ride in the street here, and the dmv lady just didn't know what she was talking about.

so i guess my point is that they just don't know, so if you act like you know, then you're ok.

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Yeah Cheryl, I tried to reason with them but the computer wouldn't allow her to issue the plate she had out for me. She called Albany for help and they told her to try a different plate, apparently there is a code number that tells the fuzz this is a vehicle that needs to be inspected. When she keyed in the new plate number it accepted it. It just makes me want to move to a state that has some people with brains running things, if there is any such place.

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you can move to a place where they don't require a license (massachussets) although i wouldn't recommend it because it is pretty uptight generally, even if they are relaxed about mopeds.

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I baught a Honda Aero 50 scooter earlier this year, and in NJ, that little thing is concidered a motorcycle, so i sold that and baught myself a Tomos Targa which is a moped. You cant really reason with the dmv.


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Hellcat Carrie /

In its defense, the DMV workers probably don't see many people with mopeds coming in. Plus, in my experience they tend to be these little gray-haired old women who can never quite figure out the computer system. I have a lot of sympathy for those women for some reason. Nonetheless, 1.5 hp + 25 (or so) mph=moped, not motorcycle.

glad you got things figured out.

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Reeperette /

>>It just makes me want to move to a state that has some people with brains running things, if there is any such place.<<

It's called Michigan....and we'd be happy to have ya.


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Thanks for rubbing it in Ree. Actually, my wife has a cousin in Grand Rapids and we visit there often and your state has a lot to offer-----if it just was a little farther south. Ken

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yeah, perhaps we've had it easy in michigan. but i agree w/ cheryl. just tell them what they want to hear for it to be a "moped" and then get out. good luck to all of you in tough states. but you're always welcome here ... ;-)

Re: Little known Facts.

Reeperette /

Michigan actually has a sort of agreement with several nearby states as far as that the other states will respect the Michigan registration and sticker on a moped as effectively covering it in thier own state.

Unfortunately, Ohio isn't one of em, part of why I moved AWAY from that misbegotten state, the whole bullcrap rigamarole of title/tags/registration/emissions/inspection/insurance/whatsizehatdoyouwear just sets my teeth right on edge, and was one of the primary reasons for riding a 'ped in the first place.

I can get with registration, it keeps theft down, but they can damnwell keep the rest.

This URL is the best I can do for NY Moped Information, since The Moped Webring does not have NY listed.


Oh, and just cause I am in a mood hostile to the Police, feel free to peruse this link as well, tho normally I don't like pages that try to sell you something.


Hope alla that helps some,


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You think NY sucks? IL is almost as bad. It took me 5 trips to the DMV to finally get my 'ped titled and registered. In IL you need a motorcycle plate and pass a riding test if your vehicle is 125ccs or more....for a moped, you have to pay the same amount of fees as a motorcycle, but you don't need a special classification on your license.

I bought my 'ped in November of 2000 and put it in the garage until April. When I went to pay the "use" tax, I was told that because I didn't pay it within 30 days of buying the 'ped (never mind that it sat in storage for 6 months)I would be charged penalties and interest!

Very ironic that most States advocate conserving fuel and using public transportation when possible, yet they put you through a huge hassle when someone wants to ride a moped.

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Reeperette /

You could concievably register it in MI, if it's that much hassle, just reg it to someone you know who lives here and if it ever comes up during a traffic stop, tell em yer borrowing it for the summer or something.

IL is one of the states that does the registration/sticker crossover with MI.

And MI doesn't give you too much crap about yer 'ped.


(Who knows a couple of IL riders doin exactly this...)

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