Problems with my moped

Alright, I own a 1984 white Honda Spree moped. I got a new battery, new spark plug and I cleaned my carb. Everytime I brake, like once I get to a stop sign, my moped kills and it won't start again. What could be the problem?

Re: Problems with my moped

Chris Robertson /

Check the tail light and brake light bulbs.

Often, as a safety feature, mopeds (don't know about scooters) will die when the brake is applied if one of the tailbulbs is burned out. I guess the reasoning behind this "feature" is that you probably wouldn't notice the dead bulb otherwise.

Definitely should be the first (and easiest) thing you check!


Re: Problems with my moped

Did you try turning up your idle speed with the idle speed or idle mixture screw?

Re: Problems with my moped

Fred, not sure what your talking about so you may have to explain that one to me.

I got a new bulb for my left turn signal, which was the only light that was out, and that didn't do anything.

Later, Mike

Wait, I see

I just remembered, a couple months ago, after sunday school, an asshole friend of mine took the screw from the carburator. Does this mean anything?

I kept trying to get it back but he never did.

I'm not too good with engines so when my moped screws up, my friends really get on my case about it!

Later, Mike

Re: Wait, I see

Yea you might want that screw back to get the right compression...if not maybe your piston's rings might need to be re done

Get that screw back (or a replacement)!

Chris Robertson /

Hi Mike:

If you're "friend" took a screw from your carburetor and now your scooter won't idle, he either took the idle air mixture screw, or the idle speed screw.

Here's a test to try. Let us know what happens.

Warm up your scooter and then stop it, but don't let the throttle spring back (hold it open enough to keep the engine running). SLOWLY ease off the throttle and try to get the engine to run as slow as possible without stalling. Can you get the engine to idle at any throttle position? If you can, your "friend" took your idle speed screw. If you cannot your "friend" took your idle air mixture screw.

If he took your idle speed screw, you can replace it with any other metric bolt that fits the carburetor.

If it's the idle air mixture screw, you're screwed (I couldn't resist the pun). You'll have to replace it, or get it back.

Let us know how this test goes.


Re: Get that screw back (or a replacement)!

Ron Brown /


Doesn't the idle speed screw have a cone shaped end to hold the slide up and a spring to keep it from turning?


Re: Get that screw back (or a replacement)!

Chris Robertson /

Hi Ron:

I'm not sure about Honda Sprees. I have a PA-50 and the idle speed screw is blunt. You are right about the spring. I figure a spring suited for the task can be found or some other method of keeping the idle screw in place can be created. I'm assuming that the idle screw is just a throttle stop (like all Honda carburetors I've seen so far), in which case, I think a blunt bolt could be made to work.

The air mixture screw is definitely cone shaped, and as we both know, its shape and size are very important. OEM would definitely be necessary.



Re: Get that screw back

The Spree has a slide throttle carb... unlike the PA50 with a butterfly.

So... both Spree screws are "special"... and the correct screw and spring should be purchased from the Honda dealer or junkyard.

You should be more careful about telling people with scant knowledge about using "any" screw that fits.

Do you think he knows the different possible threads??... or pitches??

Bad advice can cause a stripped hole... and a carb that is now scrap....$80 please....thank you.

bust his ass

gimmejimmie /

I say get that asshole friend of yours to find the right screw, it's his fault.

Don't lend your ped to people who will punish it.

It's YOUR ride.

Re: bust his ass

I didn't lend it to him for christ sake, he got to it in the parking lot before I got out there.

I'm gonna get in touch with a honda dealer or 2 around the area to get a new screw.

It kills mostly when I speed up and once I stop it, not even with a brake. And sometimes when I go full it just kills.

AT least with the new battery, tail light, and spark plug i could sell this thing for a good price after I get my car in a couple of months.

Thanks everyone for their help, appreciate it.

Re: bust his ass

gimmejimmie /

pay him back for the hassle you have to through anyhow.

Re: Get that screw back

Chris Robertson /

You just can't be nice, can you, Fred?

a. The throttle test is still valid (to determine between idle mix, and idle speed).

b. If the Spree has a slide throttle, then of course, the special screw is important. Mike, I hang my head in shame.

c. I think anyone can tell the difference between matching threads and unmatched threads without stripping them. We all do it whenever we try to match nuts and bolts together from a bin of loose parts. Mike, it seems Fred thinks you don't understand how screws work.

d. Fred, I hope you get your period key fixed --it seems to be sticking.

e. Fred, I promise to never open my pie-hole about Sprees again.

f. Mike, steal one of the tires off your friend's car as a "joke". Give it back in exchange for the screw he stole from you.



Re: bust his ass

that Asshole took the god damn air screw! if it bogs(dies) when full throttle is given and when u let off the ideot took the air screw. what a dumb ass. u should go and take his backpack and put a gun in it then tell the cops he has a gun!!! well jsut tellt eh dealers you need the air screw. your welcome!!

Re: bust his ass

if someone took a piece of your moped that is needed for proper performance, he's no friend. actually, he probably comitted a felony. if you moped is registered, tampering w/ it could even be a federal offence (depending on how far you want to push the issue). you could even file a police report and such ...

i'm not saying you should pound his face into the concrete, but you shoul defintely let him be aware that such behavior is not proper. had he taken another part, you could be dead. it's almost that serious. maybe he knew exactly what he was doing, but it's still an asshole thing to do.

your first priority, of course, is to fix your scooter. your second priority is to make this person aware that what he did is not acceptable. how you choose to do this, i leave up to you.

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