doniselli folding moped

looking for parts and info can anyone help me out

Re: doniselli folding moped

Which model is it?

Re: doniselli folding moped

dont have a clue theres a pic in moped army photo gallery under doniselli. mine is exactly like that one

Re: doniselli folding moped

have fun finding any frame parts or tires for it

Re: doniselli folding moped

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Where did you find that? It may be the one from the picture on the photo section (which I posted). I bought it in CT about 5 years ago, and sold it to someone in CT about 2-3 years ago. I now have a running (ripping actually) Doniselli ready for action. I just took it out for a night blast through the neighborhood.

I have only seen 2 Donisellis in my life (and I am 55) and I owned both of them. Yours may be my yellow one.

Mopedlar has a frame and fork. I used 2.50-8 tubes in mine and they work fine. Good luck trying to find 9 inch. I changed the tubes because of the stupid euro teeny air valves. I wanted the standard type.


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