puch e50 won't spark

Hey guys.

Just "finished" the build I've been working on for a while tonight.

Took it out to start it up and it would not turn over at all.

Pulled the plug and checked for spark...nothing at all.

So, what could be the problem here?

I'm using one of these guys:


then an NGK wire/plug. I soldered the wire to the wire coming from the stator and it's a pretty solid connection.

I also had a kill switch wired up but was worried that that might have been accidentally grounding out...so I cut the wire going to it...still nothing.

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ground the other wires and it will spark

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Check and make sure the lights make a completed circuit.

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Urgh...you guys got me so excited this morning thinking it was a simple blunder.

I'm not running lights at all, so I just left that wire dangling at first.

However, I just grounded it and still have nothing.

So I have the spark plug wire, the headlight wire which is now grounded, and the black wire to the killswitch which is now just dangling since I cut it to eliminate it being permanently grounded.

Super simple electrical system, and yet I'm struggling...urgh.

And sorry for posting this in General Moped Discussion, my bad.

Re: puch e50 won't spark

the same thing happend to me, ok that ngk spark plug wire is too big to fit into the hole of that internal condenser. they should have supplied u with a really small spark plug wire that fits in that hole. it doesnt come with a boot so ur gunna have to make one. what i did was i cut off all the rubber off the ngk boot/wire and took off the bare plastic boot off the wire and put it on the sparkplug wire that was supplied with your setup there.

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My stator has a thick spark plug wire-looking wire coming off the coil...so I just stripped the end of that and the end of my NGK wire and joined the two together...

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Fish tits Krauthamer /

ground everything. and i didnt read the whole thread, but it sounds like you dont have a high tension coil. those are important. and need to be grounded

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I have no clue what you just said man. I'm new to this moped thing, coming from working on cars though...

But yea, this is all the wires I have:


Big black one goes to spark plug wire then to the plug.

Small black one goes through kill switch to ground.

Yellow one is just grounded.

So what else am I missing?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, buy you aren't supposed to ground the yellow wire. That's the power wire for your lights. Leave it unhooked and not touching anything. Make sure the small black wire is not grounded too.

Re: puch e50 won't spark

I had it just dangling at first, until cocoloco/ashman said to make it a complete circuit.

Either way, it was still not sparking.

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Have you correctly gapped your points?

Re: puch e50 won't spark

THat I have no clue about. I'm pretty much running it just like it came out of the box. Set the timing totally counter-clockwise.

Any links to how to set points?

Re: puch e50 won't spark

"Here":http://www.mopedriders.org/html/manuals/puch/sm/puchsm.htm is a manual that should tell you how to set the points/timing. That's probably your problem - didn't set the points when you installed. They're probably not opening at all.

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alrighty...I hoooope it's just that easy and I'm an idiot.

I'm at my parents' house so I'll be back to the 'ped tomorrow and I'll check those points.

So what's the final verdict on that headlight wire? Ground it or let it hang?

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I was having trouble getting spark on a stock setup, so i just bought one of those and hooked it up and it worked great. the yellow wire does need to be grounded. because even if it was connected to lights, it would go stator - lights - then to ground. i just took the boot off my ngk wire and screwed it into the end of the black plug wire that came with the stator, and that worked ok. it's probably a timing issue... read those articles in the wiki and get the timing figured out, then stick the plug in the boot and hold it agaist the frame when you turn the engine over, and you can see whether or not it's sparking. good luck

Re: puch e50 won't spark


Re: puch e50 won't spark

Wait, you soldered the spark plug wire (the thick black one) to another piece of spark plug wire that has the boot attached? That sounds sketch to me. The spark plug wire it came with should be long enough to reach to where it needs to go, and even though it's smaller than the stock wire size, you can (or I could) still thread it onto the boot I had.

Although, as I read through here, I do have to agree with the setting your points thing. One easy way to see if you're close at all is to find TDC (you can get an approximation of where this is by sticking a straw or screwdriver or something into the spark plug hole, then seeing when the piston pushes it out the farthest), marking that spot on you flywheel with a spot on the case, then looking into the windows might help, in addition to what's in Fred's Guide and in the manual.

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I dunno. I'd think the plug wire would be fine, don't see any reason why it wouldn't be. In any case I'd at least expect it to at least make sommmme amount of spark, not none at all.

I'm really hoping it will just be the point gap. Thanks for that link. I'll check it all tomorrow, and I'll leave the wire for the lights grounded.

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ok duder. heres what you do.

first. fuck soldering wires together for a plug wire, sketch central.

the plug wire you were provided with is 5mm, normal wire is 7mm. so you have two options, the first is screw a spark plug boot on the 5mm and call it a day, or unscrew the 5mm wire from the internal coil, here is where it becomes a hassle, but alot easier in the long run, your 7mm wire will not fit without modification.. were ya a boyscout? did they teach you to sharpen a stick with a knife? use this same concept, take a knife and slowly widdle away at the end of your 7mm plug wire, trying to take off the same amount of wire casing all the way around, till itll fit in the hole of the internal coil, screw it in nice and tight. then rock and roll.

with this plate a lighting circuit does not have to be completed, but run a light dude, you now have the joy of 12v lighting, yea!

to kill, as you know, ground out that black wire.

also, make sure your points are set. proper points are happy points!

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Bad boot?

Re: puch e50 won't spark

progress has been made.

opened up the points and now it sparks, but still can't get it to turn over.

So double check what I did...I made the TDC mark, went 17mm clockwise from there, unscrewed the point screw, stuck a piece of cardboard in there, and tightened it back down...yes?

Also, can anyone give me a rundown on how to connect the clutch line on the lever side? I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do with this screw thing with the slot with the little black circle thing around it...I'm sure it's easy, but it's perplexing me. It's a domino control, for what that's worth.

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was it cardboard or cardstock? bigggg difference. but spark is a plus! did you take my advice on using just one plugwire btw?

also, not sure what you mean with the screw thing and the circle majig.

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cardstock i guess...cereal box/sparkplug box stuff.

I've attached a photo of that little guy. I also shot Domino an email to see if they have any instructions by any chance. I'm sure it's gonna be super simple though.


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one more from the other side.

And no, I'm still running the franken-sparkplugwire.


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ahh. that guy is your cable adjuster. he tensions your cable for the perfect pull if you will,

Re: puch e50 won't spark

yea but how does it work? The cable goes in that slot I'm guessing, but then what?

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I just typed out a long explanation, realized it was horrible, and erased it. I'll get you a picture in the morning.

In short, though, the smaller end screws into the brake lever and the larger end cups the end of the cable housing. When you screw that out farther, it puts more tension on the cable (tightens it), and when you screw it in, it loosens it. The slot is just to make it easier to install, so you don't have to thread the cable through it.

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Thanks, I'd really appreciate a pic. of it all just to see. Things like this would have been so much easier if i started with a complete bike, disassembled it, and put it back together.

Re: puch e50 won't spark

Ever find time to snap that pic?

Re: puch e50 won't spark

hey man, i'm shipping you that bracket tomorrow, it should help!

so what do you have put together here? stock e50?

getting it going won't be hard, you've come to the right place.

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