Info on Tomos Targa LX vs. Honda MBS

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I'm trying to help my supervisor's 15-year-old son kill himself. He wants "a fast (50 mph+) moped". He has located an '82 honda MBS and a Tomos Targa LX. He wants "a full size looking moped", whatever that means. I know nothing about either of these models (I suspect he wants a top tank and has no idea how fast 50 mph really is) so if anyone who does can offer any information, I'll pass it on. And try to convince him that 30 mph is plenty fast.

Re: Info on Tomos Targa LX vs. Honda MBS

get the tomos... plenty of mods to make it go 50....

MB5 vs Tomos?..... means dead Tomos

The Honda MB5 (five) is actually a small motorcycle.. not a ped... and is a 50cc, 6 (or 5) speed capable of 55MPH or a little better stock.

The good news is that it has suspension and brakes to match its speed.

I don't know what his odds of being pulled over on that bike and getting all the tickets he could get for riding a motorcycle without all the legal requirements he is supposed to have.

No insurance.

No license plates.

No registration.

No drivers license.

No "cycle endorsement".

It could add up to $1000... but they would prob only write him for 1 or 2... or none.

Depends on the cop that day.

In a race.. a stock MB5 would whip a stock Tomos pretty good.

The MB5 was only sold in the US for about 2 or 3 years in the 80's though.

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