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This is not about my crashes. It is about my late Uncle Everett. About 15 year's ago my late Uncle Everett had a wreck on a ped in Deep Creek, MD that the rescue squad still talks about to this day. One afternoon they had a run --an 84 year old man drove a moped over a cliff (ok, a steep enbankment) down by the airport. Uncle E was an ole retired guy who tinkered around w/everything. While staying w/his son during the summer he found a moped and got it runnin. The family (& MD) had taken away his drivers license year's before. So while staying w/his son, he used a schwinn to get around. The moped was much better according to Uncle E. Every day while his son was at work, he made his rounds, Mickie Dee's,the PO,the fire dept, the airport (to watch the mechanic's work on planes, probably helped, since he understood mechanical things). Anyway, one day on the way to the airport, the ped got away from him (car forced him off the road) and he "dropped over to see Cliff" so to speak. Anyway he got banged up pretty good (concussion, cuts and bruses). Evidently when the rescue squad got the call, they nearly dead laughing(as in nearly wrecked) while taking him to the hospital. After recovering, it was back to the schwinn. The family took away his ped. But the rescue squad named him "Evil Kenivil Thurber". When he died @ 92 they sent flowers to his funeral addressed to "Evil Kenivil Thurber".

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