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yeah the worst crash ive been in was the time i decided to fix my friends piece. i sold em it so i decied to fix it. well i got it running. kinda scary with one brake. and a front bald tire. well anywyas i was going down the road fine and then it died so i had my friend put his bike lock around the dead bike. we were going a full 35 and then he slammed on his brakes and started turning. i slamed on the one brake and i hit the side of his moped breaking his turn signal. on my way down i looked up in time to see the turn signal break all over the road. i slid for 20 feet and all the time i was watching him draging the bike and the bike sliding back and forth across the road. i got up and i was totally fine exept a scratch on my helmet. i was in perfect condithon. not one scratch. the bike that crashed had a broken pedal(totally messed up i mean the bearings were poring everwhere) and the lugage reack was flat on one side and so was the swing arm, the front light and wires broke and actually came off the ped and the hadle bars were bent. boy what a ride. the fist time i crashed was a small one. i hit the brakes and locked the back tire while tuning i slid out. and just today i was leaning REAL hard and the ped slipped(stupid universal tires) and i stratched the pedal arm adn my helmet again(brand new) oh well the next item on my wish list is new tires and brakes. well anyone else have a story?!

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