1st crash!!

well yesterday i decided to take my 78 puch maxi down to the ice cream parlor considering it was such a nice day. had a great time cruzing at a smooth 35 and havin the cool breeze in my face. well at the corner of my road and another there is alot of sand... i came at the sand doing about 15(give or take a fewmiles) and tryed to take the corner with a little bit of speed(why not?) so i get up close and realize im gonna have to go alittle slower so i hit the front brakes(i dont have back brakes) and it was all slow motion from there. the front wheel went sideways and all that was going thru my head is"Were going down!!!!" i hit the pavement skidded my chest along the road about 3 feet and gashed up my knee that required 8 stitches, also gashed my arm and hands pretty good. surprisingly nothing happend to my bike(front wheel came out of allingment with handlebars) but basiccly nothing.i guess its time for a new front tire(didnt think having non-bald tires mattered) LONG LIVE THE MOPED!

nothing happend to my bike

SteelToad /

Good to see you have your priorities straight. Now, did you ride the ped to get the

stitches, and if so, did anyone get pictures of that.

Re: 1st crash!!

Ron Brown /


Congratulations on your survival and attitude toward the learning process..

Get a back brake or more band-aids! You can't use a front brake on slick surfaces like sand whatever the tire. Even a back brake will give you a rear wheel slide but you may be able to controll that if you keep it locked.

The best bet is to change direction if you have room, then hit the brakes.

Recovered road rash sufferer.

Re: nothing happend to my bike

Glad to hear you survived! My first wreck was in a dirt track wreck, 6 of us went down, me I went over the bank, Broke ribs, fractured collar bone, screwed up the back, and couldn`t feel my left fingers for a month. Back in 1969, BSA 441 Victor Special, alcohol did play a factor, kept from killing me. When you think you are master <>LOOK_OUT_ it will kick your ass. Good Luck Guys Doug D.(50 yesterday)

Re: 1st crash!!

Hellcat Carrie /

I've heard it said that crashing is how you make your bike your own. I rode mine all winter and crashed going 5 miles an hour on an ice patch. The bike fell on my leg, still running, so I kicked it off, pulled it up, and promptly fell over again. That time I felt like an idiot, so I made sure to get off the ice patch before picking it up again.

The bike was fine, and still runs great.

Glad to hear you survived and that the moped is fine.

Re: 1st crash!!

Ron Brown /


That one should have been on Funiest Home Videos!


Re: 1st crash!!

Rob Hoehn /

Wow, you rode your bike all winter? Where do you live?

I found that it is good flip the cables on the brakes so that it is 'american-zed'. I am used to riding a european moped, but sometime other poeple ride my mopeds and don't know that they are switched around and crash on loose gravel and stuff cause they think they are cranking the rear brakes.

The only cool damage I have gotten so far is burns from the muffler - trying different stuff to make it go faster and then reaching down to adjust something - ouch!


Re: 1st crash!!

I just crashed too about two days ago! I was on a grass field, pulled the front brakes as well and next thing you know it's catapult city. I surprisingly was fine, but my bike needed a new basket and a new pedal which I had...

good luck

Re: 1st crash!!

My 1st crash was before most of you were born, 1951, on a Cushman Pacemaker scooter. I was running flat out, about 42 mph, on a dirt road with a crown of stones in the center. I crossed the stones to miss some holes in the road and was down so fast I never saw it coming. my buddy was befhind me and swears to this day I did 2 barrel rolls before the scooter and I separated. I rode home very bloody with both handle bars on the right side. It was not fun but it's a memory of good times long gone.

Re: 1st crash!!

yeah the worst crash ive been in was the time i decided to fix my friends piece. i sold em it so i decied to fix it. well i got it running. kinda scary with one brake. and a front bald tire. well anywyas i was going down the road fine and then it died so i had my friend put his bike lock around the dead bike. we were going a full 35 and then he slammed on his brakes and started turning. i slamed on the one brake and i hit the side of his moped breaking his turn signal. on my way down i looked up in time to see the turn signal break all over the road. i slid for 20 feet and all the time i was watching him draging the bike and the bike sliding back and forth across the road. i got up and i was totally fine exept a scratch on my helmet. i was in perfect condithon. not one scratch. the bike that crashed had a broken pedal(totally messed up i mean the bearings were poring everwhere) and the lugage reack was flat on one side and so was the swing arm, the front light and wires broke and actually came off the ped and the hadle bars were bent. boy what a ride. the fist time i crashed was a small one. i hit the brakes and locked the back tire while tuning i slid out. and just today i was leaning REAL hard and the ped slipped(stupid universal tires) and i stratched the pedal arm adn my helmet again(brand new) oh well the next item on my wish list is new tires and brakes. well anyone else have a story?!

Re: 1st crash!!

Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT EVER TRY TO TOW-START a bike of any kind. I damn near killed my brother doing that. I was pulling him on a dirt bike with my dune buggy...made a slight turn and he and the bike fell over so fast it wasn't funny. That was a 911 call...knocked his ass out for half an hour and I was only in first gear going about 15 mph. Talk about scared shitless...I weighed about 150 at the time and he weighed about 250, yet the adrenaline rush let me pick his fat ass up and pile him in the dune buggy and get him to a phone. The funny side is that he came to with no permanent injuries and the the first thing he did was go to the fridge, get a beer, and proceed to tell me about a crazy dream he had about wrecking a dirt bike...about that time the meat wagon showed up. All's well that ends well...


Re: 1st crash!!

Reeperette /

As fer the Catapult thing, y'all should get the sticker I have on my old helmet - it's a picture of a guy sailing headfirst over his handlebars with the logo "Over the bars club" around the edge.

Yer just not moped manly till you've taken at least one trip in that direction, according to some.

As fer wrecks, in Aug 1992 I wound up taking the front end of a largish car to the right side of my ped at a combined-speed 70mph T-bone collision, best that can be said is that both me and the ped survived in somewhat modified form, and Doc Frankenstein woulda been proud of the work on either one.

Before that I had the master link of a Puch Austro break, and the chain wrapped around the rear sprocket instead of flying off cause it was an enclosed chain box...32-to-0 instantly, catapult city indeed.

I'd always worn a helmet, tho somewhat ambivalent in attitude towards it till that day, you see, I happened to be makin an illegal U-turn across a median strip at the time, and landed headfirst into a rock - leaving a nice gouge in the helmet, instead of my head..one of lifes little lessons, there.

That winter I was the first time I went down on ice too, a bit overconfident and runnin full out on pack ice cause the lower ground pressure gives a moped MUCH better traction, and tried to make a right turn that became a lonnnng slide - she went down and slid quite a ways, hitting the opposite curb tires-first and bouncing right back across the street, and my hardheaded self along for the ride cause I refused to let go.

(which is, actually, the smarter thing to do, let go, that is.)

Picked it back up, Grinned kinda sheepishly and drove off, a bit more cautiously that time, no damage save my pride.

My old Tomos now....did about the same thing when my cables froze cause it was so cold, throttle stuck wide open and brakes too frozen to use, dump and slide, as above...Tomos will cut off if you lay it over on it's side, a Puch Austro wont.

Funniest wreck was after the "big one" and coming into work on the hangdog frankenbike it was after I rebuilt it, damn salt-thrower truck passed on the opposite side and didn't have the courtesy to turn his damn gadget off - it got under my wheels and caused me to slide, while simultaneously knocking me silly...them salt-throwers throw that stuff HARD, man.

No damage there, and tho it wasn't funny at the time, is damn hilarious now....imagine the scene it made.

The important part to remember, is to keep the vehicle in the upright and locked position at all times, eh ?


Re: 1st crash!!

My first spill was the day I got my first ped running. I made the mistake of taking a 90-degree turn at top speed (probably about 25) over sand and gravel at the end of the driveway to my apartment complex. I don

Re: 1st crash!!

This is not about my crashes. It is about my late Uncle Everett. About 15 year's ago my late Uncle Everett had a wreck on a ped in Deep Creek, MD that the rescue squad still talks about to this day. One afternoon they had a run --an 84 year old man drove a moped over a cliff (ok, a steep enbankment) down by the airport. Uncle E was an ole retired guy who tinkered around w/everything. While staying w/his son during the summer he found a moped and got it runnin. The family (& MD) had taken away his drivers license year's before. So while staying w/his son, he used a schwinn to get around. The moped was much better according to Uncle E. Every day while his son was at work, he made his rounds, Mickie Dee's,the PO,the fire dept, the airport (to watch the mechanic's work on planes, probably helped, since he understood mechanical things). Anyway, one day on the way to the airport, the ped got away from him (car forced him off the road) and he "dropped over to see Cliff" so to speak. Anyway he got banged up pretty good (concussion, cuts and bruses). Evidently when the rescue squad got the call, they nearly dead laughing(as in nearly wrecked) while taking him to the hospital. After recovering, it was back to the schwinn. The family took away his ped. But the rescue squad named him "Evil Kenivil Thurber". When he died @ 92 they sent flowers to his funeral addressed to "Evil Kenivil Thurber".

Re: 1st crash!!

So I haven't had a ped long. This is just a short story about when Stonnerdog first got his. He of course let me ride it and one day I did a couple interesting things. I was out in my neighborhood and decided to pull a u turn, well I more liked slid a u turn, luckily i did it perfectly. So I come back by the house wave to Stonnerdog, and go back. Of course I'm not stupid to try my luck so I decided to do a nice slower wide turn, except I never realized how close the curbs where. Laid the ped over on my leg which was of course on the curb. First thought: OH #%@% it's not even mine I hope it's ok. Needless to say my leg was fine, and lucky for my pride, as well as my ass (you know if you wrecked a friends ped you'd stand and take the asskicking for it) not a single scratch on it: My leg saved it from ever touching the curb at all.


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