JC Whitney

Hey Everyone,

no, i'm not selling fake passports, nor do i work for JC Whitney, but i've dealt with them for years and have some pretty neat and cheap accessories.

Thought, if you didn't already know about it, i'd tell ya.

Also, just in time for spring, there are snowsuits for $52

"JC Whitney":http://www.jcwhitney.com/1_PIECE_SNOW_SUIT?ID=12;0;0;0;100001;ProductName;0;0;0;0;2021459;0;0

Happy riding!


Re: JC Whitney

Andrew Squiggman /

no, i

Re: JC Whitney

i've bought some jeep accessories from jc whitney. but why would i need a snowsuit for my moped?

Re: JC Whitney

Because if you read carefully it comes with a 3.0L engine

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