Diggin myself a deep hole -or- New Moped Owner!

Hey All,

Well, i finally scored a cheap-as-dirt moped! woo hoo. Only problem: Its a Negrini <a what?> exactly. Its in one piece, but if anythings bad, i'm gonna have to get real creative:-) But, i wanted a project, anyway.

So, if anyone's ever heard of a Negrini, and may know someone who knows someone who may have a cousin who knows where to get parts, lemme know...

But for now, check out the pix on eBay:




Re: Diggin myself a deep hole -or- New Moped Owner

SteelToad /

Sounds like an old Vaudville Magician (ie: The Great Negrini)

Re: Diggin myself a deep hole -or- New Moped Owner

Brandon E /

Comparing pictures, It looks like it has an Italian Morini engine and transmission. The frame could be a Garelli. It's definately an Italian ped. You can get engine parts at


Re: Diggin myself a deep hole -or- New Moped Owner

I was watching that auction, it is a real fixer upper. the motor on that is pretty standard, it has a morini. if you need parts go to akronmopeds.com, or handybikes.com

good luck

Re: Diggin myself a deep hole -or- New Moped Owner

Awesome! Thanks guys!

I was sure i'd be pullin' out the welder to fabricate mounts for some other ped motor, but this one is somewhat a standard? that's great! Everything else is in really sorry shape, too, but it'll be fun to tear apart!

Thansk again, i'm sure i'll have more questions...

Mike K.

Re: Diggin myself a deep hole -or- New Moped Owner

Jon Dalton /

Sweetness!! That's got such a vintage look to it. Better score some sandpaper and wd-40 while youre at it

Re: Cool Bike

Hi, I saw that bike on ebay, it has what looked like surface rust, I beleive the bike has alot of potential!!!! And a TOP TANK TOO!! You should be able to match up cables, and find parts for the Girelle motor. I think MOPEDWAREHOUSE.COM has some parts for it. You got a super good deal, and would have bid if he would ship. Let us know of progress. Doug D. in VA.

Re: Cool Bike

Hellcat Carrie /

I was watching that bike too, for a friend of mine. You'll have to send us some pictures as you work on it.

Re: Cool Bike

i just looked at the pics. it's a nice looking bike, though i prefer step throughs. i can see the "morini franco motori" stamp on the engine. that's a fairly standard engine. the frame actually looks to me (correct me if wrong) like a cimatti frame. all in all, you do have pretty standard italian parts. you should have no problem. good luck restoring it. i always think it's great to have a relatively unknown moped. those bianchi owners out there (all 2-3 of us!) know what i mean.

Re: Cool Bike

The frame is not garelli or cimati or any other Italian moped. Like it says on the seat (and a bunch of other places on it I

Re: Cool Bike

Yeah, that's one reason i'm so psyched about this ped. Everythings there! And now you guys tell me that parts will be easy to get! Woo hoo!

I pick it up Saturday. I'll let ya'll know if its in the same shape as the pictures show. And i'll definately keep ya posted on my progress...


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