Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

I recently bought a Garelli M3 restore it (picture).

Now I started I can't find any information about it, there are some topics on Italian sites about it but I don't understand Italian.

I found some people who have a Garelli M3 but most of them don't really know anything about it. Is there someone who can help me, all information is welcome: tips, manuals, experiences, ...

Information about a Garelli M1, M2 or M50 is also very welcome because they have a lot in common.

Thanks for your help!

Laurenzo Creten


Quelques mois pass


Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

We share the same problem;

I own a previous model Garelli, the 515 Mosquito, and it seems impossible to find any manuals...

Although 515 appears to be completely different to M3, (see post Garelli mosquito 515 maintenance manual...) it shares entire engine with M3, + some other parts.

My plan is to visit some Italian oldtimer fairs next year, Imola, or so, for literature and parts; it might be within reach from Belgium, too.

If I find any literature for the models of your interest, i'll forward it to you; I'd appreciate if you'd do the same to me...


Davorin Babic


Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

did you guys have any luck? I have a similar ped in the UK and cant find anything on it to help me out. Any help would be appreciated


Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50


damn. thats ossum.


best luck

Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

I finally found some information about it!

I bought a spare parts catalogue of a Garelli M2 in the Netherlands and an information paper with technical data of the Garelli M and the M3 in the UK.

Later this week I'll take pictures of it and then I

Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

Do you know how I can upload several photos at once?

(Maybe another website) Because uploading the whole spear part book picture bu picture is a very big job.



Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

i use imageshack and hold shift to select multiple images to upload, then add them to an album

post a link as an url with text to the photos

there are a few image hosts to use, i picked one at random, 191 images and counting. not sure of limit to space

there is an option to resize to message board size, i'm still getting used to that function, but great for posting visual aids

that has to be chosen when you upload

Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

When anybody wants to have the original leaflet or manual himself, contact me:

I don't need them anymore now I have the information on my computer.

Did anyone of you found some more information lately?


Laurenzo Creten

Re: Garelli M3 (or M1,M2, M50

Here are the links to the albums:

Garelli M3 (M) Leaflet, Folder, Brochure:

Garelli M2 Spare parts catalogue:


Laurenzo Creten

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