1'st ride of spring, NICE!

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Yep, after that long ass winter, I got my ped out of storage and put the battery back in, had a low rear tire, pumped it up, topped off the tank with fresh mix. (Usually, I treat the fuel with Sta-Bil additive for the 6 month layover, but I dumped it all in my boat fuel tank and none left for my peds). I put the choke on and pedaled about 3 revolutions and it fired up.


The temps were in the 80s this weekend , so I went cruising the neighborhood,

there was alot of friends I haven't seen for 6 months (it's a beach community with alot of seasonal homeowners) that's were I keep my peds.

During the summer, a shit load of mopeds are buzzing all over, sometimes we all hook up and SWARM over to someones house to party, or to the beach.The next weekend it's someone else's place.

There are some folks that keep their peds on their boats. When they travel to different ports/marinas, and dock their boats, they pull the peds off and hit the town. Mopeds are real popular for that reason, lightweight and easy to store.

One drunk ass drove his ped right off the pier in 6ft of water, his wife made him sell it (he was kittywhipped anyhow).

To get back to my spring shake down run, no problems, I had one of those dumb ass plastic turn signals come loose and point down at the road. I think I'll take em all off anyhow, I don't use them. I had some copies of Fred's "Moped Tune Up Guide" that I passed out to some friends that didn't get their bikes running yet, I wanted to ride, not work on their problems,( maybe I should have given them Fred, Ree, and Ron's email address, just kidding fellas.) I'll help them next time.

All be it, IT SURE IS FUN to get that breeze past the knees again, come on summer! Peds are, and always will be FUN! BTW ....tonight, I put the new battery in my Harley and it started on the FIRST kick,.... yeah, it's a kickstart, I can't pedal that one to start it. I've owned it for 19 yrs.

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Re: 1'st ride of spring, NICE!

i'm glad to hear you got your moped out first before the harley. that's great!

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