blowing head lights

Jon Dalton /

I always blow my headlight and taillight bulbs pretty quick. This moped never had a battery in the first place. Maybe they're the wrong bulbs? I measured the voltage that goes to the headlight, and its actually 12 volts according to the meter, but this is supposed to be a 6 volt system???? or maybe the volt meter is off, it's a crap one. what is required to add a battery on a moped that never had one? just a rectifier of some sort to make it dc? A battery would be nice for increased visibility and the possibility of adding a tachometer and a radio which would need constant voltage

Re: blowing head lights

Chris Robertson /

When you're testing your voltage are you testing it as AC? If you test it as DC you'll likely get some inflated (or deflated) numbers based on how your multimeter works.


Re: blowing head lights

Jon Dalton /


Re: blowing head lights

Ron Brown /


Most peds without a battery use the rated capacity of the alternator to limit the voltage. This means that all of the bulbs you use should be the original rating in volts and watts or amps and they all have to function to keep the voltage correct. Even losing the speedometer illumination will increase the voltage to the remaining bulbs.

Try to find out what all the original bulbs were and use those ratings.

Allways replace bulbs as soon as they burn out or turn off the remaining lamps until you can.


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colin mccabe /

your rectifier has gone, replace it.

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dennis noble /

I recently purchased the above mentioned bike and the headlight and tail light were both burnt out.The bulbs did not appear to be original and the headlight was a GE4767-2 with a diameter of 4 1/2 inches.The tail light was a

Stanley with what looked like 6v1073v or 6v 10/3v on the casing.Both bulbs are 6volt but no one seems to carry them!Any suggestions as to where to go or can a person replace with a higher voltage bulb.I doubt if one could get a rectifier for this bike since parts are few and far between.

Re: blowing head lights

I has this problem. Make sure your battery is good, and also, I'd bet you a dollar someone here knows where to get one from a reliable moped parts retailer.

My 1978 honda express was doing this-- big pain, cause the bulbs are $$

Re: blowing head lights

or ... set up a fuse box like my moped has. i bought it from some mad electrical genius who set it up. just take a little fuse box from radio shack or someplace, attach the wires to it using connectors, and put it some tiny fuses. i love it. my fuses blow out well before my headlight (or anything else). a box of 8 fuses costs $0.99, so it costs me less than 20 cents to fix rather than a new headlight. and it's easier to fix, too. i highly recommend it.

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