the ped runs again!!!

well this is my 3rd update on this problem. i have a 1992 tomos targa w/ a bi-turbo and the engine rebuilt to my standards. a couple of weeks ago i was riding and all of a sudden it died. so i opened the maggie cover and one coil was tore up. i replaced it and then it ran like total shit!.so i found another coil was screwed so i went back to the shop and this item i got a new condensor new poins and the new coil. put all these in the bike and....... vrooom. it started with half a kick. so i went for a ride and checked all the lights etc. all perfect! now my acceleration is better and i hit a higher top speed. boy i am glad it runs

Re: the ped runs again!!!

Jon Dalton /

good feeling eh?? i got mine going yesterday - new condenser, 'new' points (welded good points onto the existing thingy). I'll just say it's fixed until the next time it breaks. When I broke down last I was 30 miles from home and miraculously scored a ride with some people in a big van with space in the back. well the day after i fixed it, i went on another long trip, 30 miles away to hand in an assignment at a college for my friend who's out of the country. It broke down when i was almost back home, but turned out to be just out of gas. I'm too busy worrying about the points and keeping oil in it to even think about if it has gas or not. I pedalled miles before i thought to check the gas. I put premium stuff in just for fun, $2.06 instead of $1.75. It's still the slowest moped in the world.

Re: the ped runs again!!!

lol does it pop at a high speed cause if it does than the cylinder is too big and it needs a new one. i ahd a ped kinda like that. i sold it for 100 and kinda screwed the guy over and i bought my new one

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