my moby again

ok so i got my moboy carburator situation taken care of, i cleaned and resealed it, now it idles fine and runs decent.

but i let it sit and it seems to have gas dripping from where u screw it in and the block?

it drips a little whilt running 2

is the gas just not shuting off. or its not srrewed in tight?

any one else have something similiar happen

Re: my moby again

where the exhaust screws in to the block i bad

Re: my moby again

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

You have the Gurtner disease, for which a cure is yet to be found. it is very similar to the Bing disease, and a distant cousin of the Encarwi disease.

The only known cure is the Dellorto treatment.

Re: my moby again

im just gona run it the way it is, and use the gas shut off and run it off untill gas is out of the carb before parking it, if i cant fix it.

Re: my moby again

Thats what I do, mine leaks a bit from the petcock if I don't close it.

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