Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle Poke

I have a 76 Puch Maxi and I recently installed a 70 cc Euro Kit on my ped. Well Sunday am was the true test of "put up or shudda up". The Potomac Vintage MC had a poker run in my town, historic Clifton, VA. The run was a 78 miler thru backroads and country byways of the VA Hunt Country. All of the bikes (motorcycles) were assemble in the PO parking lot, the FD parking lot, and the community center lot. Most of the town residents assemble to watch the bikes roar around. I rode in on my Ped. Everyone laughted and gave me some @@**. I took off my helmet& everyone shutup. I'm 6.2, shave head, and go 235 lbs. Suddenly it got dead serious. I entered the event. I was wearing a Moped Army T-shirt over/a blk black longsleeved T. I roared outta town in the 2nd wave shouting deceptacon as we passed the tv local cable co. I hauled ass along @ 40, getting thumbs up from passing hogs. At the manditory gas stop (20 mi.)I got a standing ovation and "high-fives" riding down the line the 125 bikes to take my place near the rear. Had trouble getting started again flooded carb. But on the road, at the 48 mi point, I took a wrong turn and 12 miles down the road, cough, wheeze, sputter, dead engine. Evidently 70 cc & a bigger carb really sucs gas. Humble but proud on the breakdown truck on the way back home. For the Dudes in K-zoo, I tried hard for ya but failed. I guess I'll never a decept. But it was fun hollering that out as I was hauling ass along. Next time I'll pack a gas can. It may not be pretty, (but as my biker friends say) pretty don't get you home unless you are a chick. Rich

Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

SteelToad /

Only 50+ miles on a tank of gas ??? Please tell me you weren't topped off

when you started.

I wish I hadda known about that. I was at Potomac Falls and would have loved

to have seen it. The looks you get with a 40+mph moped are definately worth it.

Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

Damn.... Normally... a shaved head improves your aerodynamic drag coefficient enough to go 63 miles instead of of 60 before you run out of gas.... : )

Too bad you ran out... because you would have had even more fun hanging around the bikes the rest of the trip... and had more story to tell.

In my case yesterday... I think I had my highest ped mileage day ever... 38 miles (I think).. I am wondering if my odo is accurate.. because it didn't seem like that long of a trip.

My motorcycles are not "legal" yet.. and I just HAD to go for a ride... so the ped was it.

My gas story is about opposite... Put a half gallon into an empty (I think) tank... and at 13 miles out.. was worried I might run out because I have a dripping petcock (about 1 drip every 6 seconds)...Tried to put gas in... and overflowed at less than a half gallon.

So I am apparently getting pretty good mileage.

Top speed before it warms up is 25mph... after it warms up... 30mph... at the end of the trip... back down to 26mph and acting like the carb is clogging again!

Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

Nope, I topped off at the house before the run. Like I said, the 70 cc Euro kit, really sucs gas. It really gives a new meaning the term "Hauling ass & suckin gas". Oh bye the way, a PUCH tank is not really that big, about the size of 3 12 oz coke cans. Check out the pics of Peds in the directory and you"ll see what I mean.

Hey I'm sorry I didn't notify you re the Poker Run. Actually I only did it on a dare from a lady friend. She said that I should show up all of the Uppies who are trying to recapture their youth by buying a Harley's. The Poker run was advertised in the WASH Post in the classified under motorcycles.

The organizer of the event thanked me and asked me to continue in their events. So if I hear of another one I'll let you know.

Swarm & Destroy -- while having a blast - - Rich

Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

Ron Brown /


Beatcha, I had a 50 mile ped day yesterday and I have 2 legal motorcycles!

Actually, I am in training for the 100 mile trip to K'zoo for the barbeque.

Your odo, like most peds, probably registers kilometers, not miles.

A perfomance note. I rode to the local microbrew pub yesterday, 16 miles from door to door + about 8 or 9 more for a detour because someone seems to have taken a bridge away on trucks.

On the way to the brewery, my ped would run up to 30 mph, then, for no apparent reason, slow down to 25. After running 25 for a while, it would suddenly accellerate up to 30 for no apparent reason, then just as suddenly, slow to 25 as if I hit the brkes.

Of course, all observations are relative. I was on a ped after all! The speeds, however, are as reported by the speedo.

When I got to the Pub, I had a beer and meditated on this problem, then I removed the foam air cleaner element, which is about 1 1/2" in diameter and lives in under a cover right on the carb intake. End of problem.

I am theorizing that when I hit 30 mph, the exhaust back pressure was causing me to spit fuel onto the foam. The oil would then accumulate until I started running richer (no 4 cycling). This would slow me to 25 and at that rpm, I sucked the foam clean again, speeded up and did it all over again.

Now my problem is how to rig an air cleaner further away from the carb. I'll keep you posted.


Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

david f martin /

I carry an extra gallon with me (see my pic on this site, Yamaha QT50), since I don't have a gauge...

I park my QT in the Harley only section at my favorite watering hole, and a couple of my friends joked about moving it, but they didn't... Heh!


Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle


I park mine w/the Harley's at my local watering hole too. None of the regulars mess w/it or me. In fact they think it takes real @@##!! to do that. Only the wannabe's, you know the kind. Yuppies that think there're tough because they have (and can afford) a "garage king" and a blk newbee Harley t-shirt.

You see a couple of years ago I got divorced and fell on hard times financially (much better now thank you) and had to get a part time job to make ends meet.A good friend is the owner of the place and gave me a job. For almost 2 yrs. I was the Doorman (aka Bouncer) at the Sunset Grille in Anandale, VA (a biker-hillbillie-redneckbar). No tales out of school but that experience was real a trip.

Needless to say, after the Euro Kit instalation, I really earned their respect. (Hey Rich, park it next to mine (a perfect '48 knicklehead -- Bobby, or "Fat Albert's"(425 on the hoof)--'62 restored electraglide). Their "chicks" like to take my ped for a spin and were real impressed. Hey go figure.

Ole Rich

Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

Jon Dalton /

ROCK ON!! my bike quit today towards the end of a 50 or 60 mile round trip, and being so accustomed to breaking down, i pedalled for miles before thinking to check the gas@!

Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

hey rich where do you live, i live in spriungfield va. you must be real close to me

Re: Outta gas!! on A Ped in a Vintage Motorcycle

Reeperette /

On ar about May 12th, we have some kinda 30 mile Motorcycle parade gonna start at the local HS Down here, with police escort and all, some type of fundraiser......one can safely assume imma be at the back of that back hummin along...but, umm - I think imma top off the fuel before I start, just in case.

Since it's not runnin well enough fer my taste right now, my 'ped prolly wont keep up, but imma go the distance anyhow, no matter how long it takes.

Anyone feelin the need to participate is welcome to contact me, it's about 10miles south of Flint, MI proper, where this will be.


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