1985 honda spree

When i try and start my spree, it sounds like its about to start but doesnt. The lights and horn work when i turn the key but when i press the start button, it doesn't start. I can boost it and it will run fine. I was wondering what the problem may be, what i can do to fix it, and how much it would cost?

Thank you!

Re: 1985 honda spree

.... Dead battery.... (nearly) .........$22... ?

Re: 1985 honda spree

Before getting a new battery you may try to fill the cells with water, that is if its not sealed, my 81 and 85 hondas arent so I wouldnt think yours would be. If the cells are low on water it wont take a charge well. also id use distilled water if you can, its better for batteries. If that dont work id get a new one.


Also try cleaning the connections while you got it apart.

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