unleaded gas?

can i use unleaded gas in my puch if it says DO NOT USE UNLEADED GAS? if no, then where do they sell leaded gas anymore? what risks am i running if i use unleaded?

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gimmejimmie /

disreguard that warning sticker and run reg. unleaded mix. it won't hurt it at all.

That bike was probably produced when they still sold leaded gas. I don't think you can get leaded fuel anymore, I know they make lead substitute additive, but you don't need that for peds.

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Actually, the Lead additive helps prevent carbon build up. While it's not NEEDED, its nice to have. I put some in mine everytime I make a new mix.

Re: unleaded gas?

Ron Brown /


I don't know where you got this info from. The original reason for adding lead to gas was to increase octane and prevent ignition knocking in higher compression engines. Subsequently, it was discovered that the lead would deposit on the valve seats and protect them from impact erosion. This resulted in car companies buildin cast iron heads without hardened valve seats as they were not needed when using leaded gas.

Sice leaded gas was discontinued, the available lead substitute additives are designed to protect those old vehicles, which were designed with soft valve seats, by depositing a coating on the valve seats. Naturally, the additive, like lead, does not know where it is being deposited, so it coats everything.

2 cycle engines have no valve seats to protect and aluminum 4 cycle heads use hardened valve seat inserts which do not erode.

The color you see when you open your engine is the deposited additive. It changes the color of the surfaces but does not decrease the rate of build up of deposits. In fact, it increases the build up.


One more time...

The reason for that sticker is that back in the moped heyday there was camping fuel called "white gas" and it was unleaded gasoline. It was not designed as a motor fuel and could cause damage if used as such. The sticker was to prevent cheap-ass moped owners from riuning their machines then blaming the manufacturer for not telling them so.

As far as additives go, don't use them. They are formulated for 4 stroke engines and can harm a 2 stroke. A good quality 2 stroke oil is all you need.


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