i need an appraisal. . .

Brandon Bartolomeo /

Okay, heres the deal. I just bought a moped that's in perfect condition with 1/4 original miles on it. It's in damn near perfect condition but i'm not sure how much it's worth. It's a Sach's and i think it's a 76 hercules m5. It looks exactly like one but it has lover and lover 50 on it so i don't know cause i can't find those anywhere. Can anyone help me out? Email abartcrombie@hotmail.com if you can help --- thanks!

Re: i need an appraisal. . .

Does it run? Generally mopeds are worth between $100 and $400. You might find a collector who will pay more for a ped in great condition, or a rare ped, but I wouldn

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