reserve fuel taps

Ive got a derbi senda with a 5 litre fuel tank. The warning light never comes on to warn me about a lack of petrol so when i run out, im stuck. Is there a reserve tap that i havent found or do i just have to keep on checking?

Re: reserve fuel taps

Hellcat Carrie /

On your fuel valve, there's a petcock, right? If so, you can point the petcock straight up and a little extra gas will flow. But you said something about a warning light, which I didn't know mopeds had. So I guess I'm not much help. Sorry.

Re: reserve fuel taps

tomcat tim /

when my pet cock is pointed straight up i get extra flow too

Re: Hellcat explaination

Hellcat Carrie /

A friend was telling me about a 19th century New York gang called the Dead Rabbit Gang. Their standard bearer was a tough little Irish immigrant named Hellcat Maggie because she had filed her teeth to points and wore copper claws into battle. At the beginning, she would attack one of the opposing gang's members and bite and scratch him into shreds. Then, instead of killing him, she would sit off to the side because she was "too ladylike" to actually kill the poor guy.

And so, out of respect for nonrevisionist, gory history, I have adopted the moniker "Hellcat Carrie".

Re: reserve fuel taps

lol thats funny

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