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I've just acquired a QT-50. The price was right, and it seems to run well with good power. Did a stress test with an 80lb garden wagon and 2 medium sized human bodies, and it rolled! It obviously sat unsheltered for some time - all the chrome has some surface pitting and gunk, seat cover is split tho' foam is good, paint pretty faded, decals all but gone.

I'm scrounging for a shop manual, but in the meantime...

The fella I got it from said the headlight was working (dunno about the other lights) until he flipped it on high beam, a pop, and nothing. I got a new battery, charged it up a few hours (the package insert said 15-20 hours! Called the dealer I bought it from and they said 3-4). I left it on the charger for 2-3 hours. No lights with it installed. Did I not charge it enuf? What is up with a low/missing battery blowing bulbs? Should the lights function with the engine running even without a battery?

The ignition had a housekey jammed in it. When I first got the bike a few weeks ago, the key worked. Oh, this is a 3 position switch - off, start, run. The ignition does nothing now, have to use the kill switch. All the pics/ebay offerings I've seen for instrument clusters show a 2 position ignition - off, on. I kinda like the "start" where the throttle is disabled - does any this even really matter?

No aircleaner... The carb seems to spit out little droplets of fuel as it's running, and I an see some oil on the port... Any great cause for concern there?

I'm torn between completely tearing it down, beadblasting & painting the frame, using rubbing compound and maybe some wax or something to try and seal the chrome from further damage (don't want to spend $$ for re-chroming, any hints?) completely rewiring, etc. to make it spiffy and street legal, or just keeping it for the desert and not stressing on anything other than mechanical.

If anyone's got parts/docs up for grabs, let me know... I've already got the fiche...


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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