puch kromag 1978

picked up a sweet kromag today... free spirit, much like the one pictured here, but in much more need of restoration. rust inside tank, covers missing, broken speedo glass, etc.... but was told it ran this past summer! I'm not even gonna put any gas in her and try, cause it's in need of some work first. but anyone know a general value of a nearly complete one? hows about a restored one? thanks , Aceface


Re: puch kromag 1978

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

They seem to bring the same money as a regular Puch

Re: puch kromag 1978

I'd pay more for that than a Maxi, at least. The Free Spirit/Magnum pedal shaft/cranks and swingarms are highly coveted, and they're rarer than the Maxis.

Pricing depends a lot on where you are. It's hard to say from your description, but from what you say, I'd guess about $100-200 not running, and then $300-500 running (in my area). Somewhere with a lot of peds, like Ohio, it might be less, and in big cities or on the west coast it would probably be more.

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