coil resistance

Jon Dalton /

can someone here do me a huge favour? if you have a volt meter, can you find out the resistance in the primary ignition coild on your moped? i am talking about the small coil, the one inside the engine that gets field induced by the magnets on the flywheel. I think mine is garbage because its resistance is next to nothing, it's hardly noticeable on the volt meter. I hope this thing isn't bad because i doubt a new one would be available and unlike the external coil, i would need one that really fits. can you get these rewound? I can replace pretty much the whole ignition system except for this piece, but i get the feeling it's bad.

Re: coil resistance

Chris Robertson /

A coil should have next to no resistance (it's just a long piece of wire after all). A coil is an inductor, and it's behaviour is based on changing magnetic fields (which induce alternating current), or changing electrical voltage (which an inductor resists). For the record, inductance is measured in Henrys not Ohms.

As far as I know, the only easy way someone can test a coil without lab equipment is to plug the coil into an identical moped that works and see if stops working. However, ignition coils in mopeds rarely go bad unless they are physically damaged.

If you still want someone to measure the resistance of the ignition coil anyway, you might want to tell us what kind of moped you ride. All coils are not created equal!


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