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Hellcat Carrie /

If I can get the materials and enough technical help to build this thing, I'll be the test pilot. All I ask is that if I die, you tell my mother I died happy.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to find a propeller?

Does anyone know how much it costs to obtain a parachute-type asseblage?

I was thinking about simply putting a propeller with a second engine where the book rack of a moped would normally go. Is this an engineering nightmare or a workable idea? I think the ped would still need both tires for takeoff and landing.

Any advice on flying and basic aerodynamics is appreciated.

I haven't had a science class since my freshman year of high school, so before this project gets off the ground (ahem) I'm going to need to do a lot of research.

Re: airped advice

Wonderful idea. You'd have to draw your own da vinci style diagram of course. No real advice here except make sure the prop is made to turn the correct way with the engine. Aside from that um good balance and figure out how you're going to actually turn and such.



Re: airped advice

SteelToad /

I would look for a place that makes the powered parasail kits and see about

getting the parts from there. They have ones that go on as a backpack (like that

nut uses to crash sporting events) so I'm sure something could be adapted to

mount on the back of the moped. Your parachute attach points should probably

be under the front edge of the seat to keep the center of balance.

Re: airped advice

SteelToad /

check out Looks like an interesting way to start.

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