Back from Reno

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Got back from Reno last night....I really wish I coulda dragged my 'ped along, other than the snowstorm that followed us in (I joked that we brought michigan with us) - the weather was glorious, and as perfect as ped-weather can be.

Didn't bother with the casinos tho...Full House pays 8-to-1 ? Jeeze, just stick a gun in my face and ask fer my wallet at the table...bah.

Went up to visit Donner Pass,, what I wouldn't have given to blast a 70's muscle car up and down THAT stretch of road at 100+ Mph...heh.

And's nice, like, bye...

Snarl-POP, bunga-bunga-bunga, CLANK, Bwhaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww.....

Re: Back from Reno

Welcome back Ree.

The other side of coin is although the weather is good now, I've been working 10 hour days and Saturdays lately. I'll have to recharge the battery on the Vespa Grande before taking it out again. But the Solex should fire off without a hitch.

I'm not complaining!

Jim C.

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