Which kit from 50cc.nl?

I'm in the UK, so I'm getting my kit form 50cc.nl.

Their descriptions are a little vague, but a, I right in thinking that part number 5800, "70cc 6p euro kit" is the K star kit? I see they also have a 4 port 70cc. Also an airsal etc.

Re: Which kit from 50cc.nl?


you can't get some of the kits on there any more but it should have most kits.

Re: Which kit from 50cc.nl?

Jump Carbuncle /

I'm pretty familiar with the kits listed on the wiki, but it just seems that none of the names on 50cc.nl match up, they're called "import 4p" and "import 6p" and stuff...

Re: Which kit from 50cc.nl?

i would guess the 4 port would be arisal 70cc or some copy of it.

then the 6 port would be k star or tccd or some copy of one of those.

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